TREVI Fun Food Holidays

Banana Veneziana
Here are some upcoming specials from TREVI Italian Restaurant that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!  

National Lasagna Day: TREVI is offering its delicious lasagna pizza and authentic lasagna entrée, each specially-priced exclusively on Monday, July 29.

Lasagne Deep Dish Pizza
Lasagne Deep Dish Pizza

Executive Chef Peter Scaturro’s unique signature dish, the lasagna pizza, will be offered for $13.95 in honor of the national holiday. The deep dish delight is layered with Italian sausage, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses and topped with a tangy pomarola sauce. Lasagna lovers will also enjoy a discount on the classic lasagna, priced at $17.29 for the day. This homemade Italian favorite is layered with pasta, zesty meat sauce and topped with flavorful ricotta and mozzarella cheeses.

National S’mores Day: Guests will enjoy Pastry Chef Hank Sbraccia’s irresistible s’mores gelato, priced at $4.50 per scoop. The sweet treat will be available exclusively on Saturday, Aug. 10, and is made from homemade vanilla gelato, chocolate chunks, creamy marshmallows and honey-flavored graham crackers.

S'Mores Gelato
S’Mores Gelato

National Banana Split Day: On Sunday, Aug. 25, dessert lovers will indulge in the banana veneziana, priced at $12. The decadent dish features fresh bananas, a trio of gelati and chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauce.

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