Popular Casinos to Visit in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world in which to take a gambling holiday. The city offers a great deal of choice in regards to casino venues. In fact, most visitors find it easy to travel the Vegas Strip and enjoy gambling at several different Vegas casinos. If you’re new to Vegas, you may not know which casinos are good choices to visit. Some of the more popular casinos located in the city are excellent choices.

The Luxor Casino is a popular casino found in Vegas. Using an Egyptian theme, visitors to the Luxor can expect to find replicas of Egyptian landmarks. For instance, you can find a smaller version of the Sphinx and a pyramid to name a few. Many visitors to the Luxor not only spend time gaming in the casino but also exploring these landmarks. Poker is definitely one of the hottest games played at the Luxor but expect to find others as well. If you’re new to poker, the Luxor does provide poker lessons at no charge. Also, if you’ve only played at an online casino, you still may want to brush up before playing at a land based venue.

Another casino built around a world city is the Venetian. Completed with man-made canals, visitors here also partake in the gondola rides offers by trained gondoliers. Like the Luxor, the Venetian does also provide a large amount of poker games. With a dedicated poker room of up to 50 tables, experienced players often prefer the Venetian. However, poker lessons can be found here as well which attracts newer players. It’s also recommended that new players practice at Metro Play Casino to gain a bit more experience. Expect to find other table games that are offered here as well as slot machine games. Additionally, the Venetian provides its own instruction in the table games of roulette, craps and blackjack.