Murray to Appear on Premiere Episode of TLC’s ‘Four Houses’ June 24

Murrray to Appear on Premiere Episode of TLC's '4 Houses' June 24
Murray SawChuck
is back on TV again (when isn’t he this year?). It’s definitely the year of TV for Murray (Pictured: Murray with Leise, DoraLee, and Kristy). 

He filmed the show Four Houses on TLC a few months ago and it will be airing June 24, 2013. They filmed four houses in Las Vegas and created a fun competition where the home owners  judge each other’s houses. The show offers a fun and insightful look into the owner’s homes and personalities.

Murray and the other three home owners will appear on the premiere episode this Monday. Ironically, June 24 is also the 52nd wedding anniversary of Murray’s parents, Arlene and John, who will be celebrating up in Vancouver, Canada.

Murray SawChuckComedy Magician Murray SawChuck stars in The Laugh Factory Presents: ‘MURRAY Celebrity Magician’ along with wife Chloe Crawford and sidekick Doug “Lefty” Leferovich at The Tropicana Las Vegas. Murray, an America’s Got Talent semifinalist and “Pawn Stars” resident magic expert, entertains audiences Sunday through Thursday at 4pm. Click here for tickets! Visit Murray’s home page or follow on Facebook and Twitter.