Organize a Crazy Stag Weekend

Organize a Crazy Stag WeekendSo you’re wondering how to plan and execute the perfect send-off for the groom, without having to contact a barrister the following Monday due to boys-will-be-boys behaviour. There is much pressure on the best man to make certain the lads all have the time of their lives, and also to keep the weekend moving forward with as few unfortunate delays as possible. There are several keys that, if met, will guarantee a memorable weekend for the husband-to-be and all those who have come along for the ride.

It is essential, first and foremost, to have a centrally located headquarters which everyone knows to meet in case of separation or emergency. It is best to avoid a unit in a block of flats. The home of one of the bachelors in the party is best, but a large hotel room in an establishment which understands and is aware of your purpose works as well (be sure to tip the front desk and any bellhops well). This can also be the meeting place to start the weekend. As you’re waiting for everyone to arrive, bingo at is hours of endless entertainment for all the lads. Your crew can also start a private poker room and throw back a few to get warmed up.

You cannot call it a stag weekend without the girls. This is the most important part of the weekend and can make-or-break your party. There are escort services and dancers-for-hire easily found online or through your buddy who works at a local topless bar. You should also contact topless (and bottomless) establishments and let them know you are planning a stag party, and they may offer a special rate for you and the lads. But again, make sure you have girls coming back to headquarters late in the evening for a night cap.

There will be plenty of alcohol consumed by all, and the key is to avoid drink-driving by designating at least one of the boys with a driving license as the designated driver. It is best for everyone to simply walk from location to location, but sometimes this will not be possible. It is also very important for all to drink in moderation. We all know that good friends and good times means everyone’s stomach turns into a beer drain. Everyone should make sure they are conscious and coherent eight hours into the night by limiting alcohol intake to two drinks per hour. Plus, you want to be awake at the end of the night, back at headquarters, with the girls arriving shortly.

Finally, a stag weekend must have an agenda, a schedule of sorts, to ensure continuous fun and memories. Having a list of destinations and activities by time will save everyone the awkward moment which the question “what are we going to do next?” is asked. Football matches, live music and swimming pools are great time-fillers which alcohol can be consumed and preparatory debauchery can commence.

A stag weekend is always deemed a success if nobody is arrested nor hurt. Just make certain to take as many photos as possible and shoot hours of video, all of which the wife-to-be will never see.