Mentalist Eric Dittelman and Magician Michael Turco to Appear in ‘MURRAY Celebrity Magician’ at The Tropicana

Murray SawChuck stars in "MURRAY Celebrity Magician" at the Tropicana Hotel
MURRAY ‘Celebrity Magician’
at the Tropicana Hotel is having an America’s Got Talent week. Wednesday night ONLY Murray is featuring Eric Dittelman who was on this season of America’s Got Talent as a mentalist that impressed the judges. 

Dittelman will be doing a guest spot in Murray’s show on Wednesday Nov. 14, 2012, 7pm showtime. And this coming weekend Nov. 17 & 18, 2012, Michael Turco will be making a short come back to the strip after his abrupt vanishing act from the Saxe Theatre where Nathan Burton seemed to have slid him out of his show time slot after his lighting vanishing act from the Flamingo Hotel.

Murray states, ‘I love that I have the opportunity to showcase guys that I think are good people and everyone needs a break! Also I personally feel that what happened to Michael Turco was uncalled for and that there is a way to deal with all situations professionally.”

“Should be a fun week ahead and along with all of this I will be filming a new commercial for America’s Got Talent which I am looking forward too!” said Murray.

Murray SawChuckThe “Laugh Factory Presents: ‘Murray Celebrity Magician’” has been extended to 2013. “America’s Got Talent” semifinalist and “Pawn Stars” resident magic expert Murray SawChuck entertains audiences at the Tropicana Las Vegas 6 nights a week at 7pm (Fridays are dark). Click here for ticket information. Visit Murray’s home page or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.