Hip Hop Live Radio’s “Mr. R” Mixes Established Celebrities with Fresh Talent Airplay

Hip Hop Live Radio’s "Mr. R" Mixes Established Celebrities with Fresh Talent Airplay
“The Mr. R Show,”
a radio show hosted by “Mr. R,” puts a rare “spin” in radio, balancing two opposing, yet striking ends of the entertainment spectrum. On one side he interviews household names, while on the other side he showcases new and unsigned Hip Hop and R & B artists’ work, often in their debut moment. 

“The MR. R Show” broadcasts Monday–Thurs 4-6 PM CST at Hip Hop Live Radio, a local radio station headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Previously while on a station in Los Angeles, MR. R interviewed past guests Sleepy Brown, Tilo (from “Methods of Myheim” with Tommy Lee), Roscoe from The Dogg Pound, comedian King Kedar, rapper/actor Darren Miller, director Tim Greene (Tim Greene Films), supermodel Kashona Evans and Larry Guli, (Uncle Paulie) from “General Hospital.”

But in the spirit of giving back, Mr. R has made it his personal mission to see that new talent has its day in the sun.

“If you can play a significant role in helping others, it makes my job personally satisfying and it makes my day,” he says. “Sure, I love interacting with the celebs we book on the show and that’s the fun and the glitter that brings in the listeners, but my real passion is hearing and showcasing future artists.”

He knows how difficult it is to break into any field and get noticed. At one time Mr. R himself was an aspiring Hip Hop artist and knows how tough the recording business can be. A native of Freeport, Long Island, NY now living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mr. R began his career in the late ‘80s as a rapper by the name Kool Rob-O. While writing his own songs and recording “clean lyric” rap for a local record label, he decided to pursue other avenues of entertainment and turned to acting, appearing on television in “Law and Order,” “Trial by Jury,” “Third Watch” and “Freedomland” starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Mr. R expects to continue interacting with the big stars, but fully expects that his biggest thrill will be when one of his discoveries returns to the show with a heartwarming embrace as an acclaimed mainstay entertainer in the ever-morphing world of Hip-Hop & Rap.

“I’ll always and to continue to say ‘You heard it here first.’”