Comedy-Magician Mac King Visits Lomie G. Heard Elementary School During Career Week 2012

Traci Dyer, Principal and Mac King
Comedy-Magician Mac King performed two special assemblies for the students at Lomie G. Heard Elementary School on Wednesday, March 28. King’s appearance was part of the school’s Career Week 2012 festivities (Pictured above: Traci Dyer, Principal and Mac King)

King donated an autographed copy of his book “Tricks With Your Head” to the school’s library.

During the show, King performed some magic tricks, read a few books and talked about how reading literally changed his life. He shared with the students that he “checked-out” a magic book at his elementary school library, which later carved the career for the comedy-magician, now in his twelfth year as a headliner at Harrah’s Las Vegas.

King then encouraged students to visit their school library and check out a book on any career they may be interested in. King dedicates his personal time to showcase magic and discuss the importance of reading at various Las Vegas schools throughout the year.