MTV Networks and Lingerie Football League Team to Make Vegas Big Game Weekend Destination

Lingerie Football League
Lingerie Football League
 and MTV Networks’ MTV2 channel are teaming to bring the Lingerie Bowl IX broadcast to millions of viewers this Sunday LIVE from Las Vegas’ Orleans Arena, kickoff – 1pm PT. In 2012, the Lingerie Bowl IX broadcast will be broadcast in advance of Sunday’s Big Game kick-off. The broadcast will also be shown in another 45 countries outside of the US. 

Since premiering in 2004, the Lingerie Bowl broadcast has become part of the culture of Big Game Sunday television viewing for millions around the world.

The success’ of the previous Lingerie Bowl broadcasts gave birth to the formation of a league called the Lingerie Football League (LFL) in 2009, which has now become the fastest growing sports league in the country (BusinessWeek). This past weekend, the LFL’s Conference Playoffs were nationally broadcast on MTV2 with the winners Philadelphia Passion of the Eastern Conference and the Los Angeles Temptation of the Western Conference advancing for the second straight season to play each other on one of football’s biggest stages, Lingerie Bowl IX. Last year in Lingerie Bowl VIII, the Los Angeles Temptation beat the Philadelphia Passion 26-25 in a thriller.

Lingerie Bowl IX festivities include parties from February 3rd – February 5th at Vanity Nightclub at Hard Rock Hotel. Lingerie Bowl IX will be played at Orleans Arena on Sunday, February 5th.

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Lingerie Bowl IX Schedule of Events

  • 2012 LFL Awards Dinner and Ceremony, Friday, February 3rd, 5pm (Vanity Nightclub, Hard Rock Hotel)
  • Kickoff Party, Friday, February 3rd, 10pm (Vanity Nightclub, Hard Rock Hotel)
  • Lingerie Bowl IX Tailgate Village, Sunday, February 5th, 10am-12pm (Orleans Arena)
  • Lingerie Bowl IX Kickoff, Sunday, February 5th, 1pm (Orleans Arena)
  • After-Party, Sunday, February 5th, 10pm (Vanity Nightclub, Hard Rock Hotel)