Angel Management Group to Unveil Savile Row at Luxor Hotel and Casino

Previewing on New Year’s Eve weekend at Luxor Hotel and Casino, Angel Management Group will redefine exclusivity with Savile Row, an intimate 2,000-square-foot haven where only members and invited guests will be granted access. Former Las Vegas hotspot Noir Bar closed its doors last month to make way for the new venue. Reminiscent of the infamous street in London, Savile Row will cater to an eclectic group with a “made-to-measure” experience. Specialized VIP services, a creative mixology program, reliable discretion and a seductive atmosphere will be the standard. Those lucky enough to enter will be the envy of all partygoers.

“People are what make the party, and when you have the right kind of personalities together in one room, the outcome is unpredictable,” said Neil Moffitt CEO of Angel Management Group. “With Savile Row, we have the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind experience by selectively inviting those with diverse backgrounds – ranging from artists, fashionistas, power players and celebrities – to produce a matchless environment that is exciting and impulsive.”

Renee West, president and COO of Luxor, said, “We’re excited to work with our partners at Angel Management Group to introduce a new nightlife concept at Luxor.  We look forward to the buzz Savile Row will bring to the property as our guests and visitors experience its exclusive offerings.”

The space was envisioned by famed New York-based designers Steve Lewis and Marc Dizon, who were also the masterminds behind the impeccable designs of Marquee NY, Butter and The Darby. Savile Row was made to envelop partygoers in a lavish retreat daubed in rich hues of amber and burgundy, accompanied by romantic candlelight creating a captivating aristocratic environment. The private lounge will embody old English charm, resembling a 19th century manor with distinct areas that cater to its visitors, offering a personalized nightlife experience.

Upon arrival, guests will be intrigued by the allure and mystery that lies within as they pass through a quaint garden enclosed with manicured hedges and antique gas lamps. Two distinct entrances, one doorway for members and one for invited guests will greet them at the end of the garden. Those privileged enough to receive a membership will enter through the exclusive Parlor, where their identity will be processed in order to be allowed entry. The Parlor will also serve as a consulting chamber where they can speak with a personal concierge to assist in creating their desired experience. Once identity has been cleared, members will rejoin the others as they venture down a long, riveting, brick covered alleyway with only the flicker from vintage gas lanterns guiding the way.

With sounds from the DJ booth approaching, a sudden welcome into the Fitting Room will surprise guests as the anticipation to enter the party is finally over. The secluded, yet open room is a coveted spot for those wanting the best of both worlds, a place to retire and host an intimate affair while still being immersed in the sexy party atmosphere. Located on the opposite end rests the gateway to the swanky Drawing Room, which will serve as the main area to see and be seen while sipping on delicious cocktails. Talented mixologists will be on hand to create custom-made libations prepared with only the freshest, most exotic ingredients and finest liquors. The diverse music format spun by resident DJs is designed to match the eclectic mix of people in the room. Ranging from funk and soul to rock and roll, the music program will steer clear of the norm and keep the party going into the early morning.

Savile Row gatekeeper Mike Diamond will call all the shots and let in who he sees fit as the new venue will reserve the right of admission. As the lines start to form, guests are encouraged to come dressed to impress and ready to dish out why they deserve to get past the velvet rope. Australian-born Diamond began his prestigious nightlife career working only at the most exclusive clubs in New York City including Bungalow 8 and Pangaea and owning hotspots such as Snitch and Vela.

At the time of opening, only 300 memberships will be distributed. A Savile Row membership will allow the privileged to call ahead and make an appointment, skip the line, enter through the private Parlor and give guest referrals. Although members can make recommendations on who to grant access, it is not guaranteed that all referred guests will gain entry. To top it off, the elite lounge will offer a private concierge that will transform desires into reality. From late night pizza orders, to arranging hotel suites and even booking or re-booking flights, the private concierge will make members’ wishes come true. Memberships cannot be duplicated or passed on to others. Those interested in obtaining a membership will be able to apply online at

In addition to its opulent surroundings, unparalleled services, impressive cocktail menu, renowned DJs and entertainers, Savile Row is one of the only nightlife venues in Las Vegas where guests do not have to step foot inside a casino as a dedicated pull-up valet is available for maximum privacy and ease. The new lounge will become a sanctuary for A-listers to relax, let loose and not worry about getting their photo taken as the paparazzi will be kept out.

The venue will open its doors at 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, while remaining open until 6:30 a.m. specifically for the industry, giving them a place to come party and unwind after a long night of work.