Elvis and 9 Pink Cadillacs Await 33 Chilean Miners for Las Vegas Celebration

Rev. Jesse Garon, The Official Elvis impersonator of Las Vegas
9 pink Cadillacs complete with police escorts await all 33 Chilean miners in Las Vegas. Once the VIPs are whisked away to their host resort location, the thrill will have just begun.  The visitors will be treated to lavish buffets, 5-star accommodations and some of the best shows the city has to offer as part of a special abundance in Las Vegas Celebration.

Rev. Jesse Garon, The Official Elvis impersonator of Las Vegas, originally invited fellow Elvis fan and trapped miner, Edison Pena, to Las Vegas to renew his marriage vows. However, two weeks after the miners miraculous rescue the invitation has grown to include all 33 miners to visit Las Vegas. Garon gratefully acknowledges how blown away he is by the generosity and excitement the Las Vegas community feels for the miners.

“It was their solidarity that helped these men survive the angst and uncertainty of being trapped,” said Jesse. With a proud look he declared; “Tough times don’t last but tough people do and I think that is part of a special bond that Las Vegas shares with these miners.” Rev. Garon finished by saying, “The unity of these men is why we want to host all 33 of these incredible humans in our great city.”

Jesse Garon , along with all of Las Vegas, is looking forward to seeing the reactions of the miners as they witness the bright lights. It promises to be a spectacular extravaganza introducing them to Las Vegas bountiful buffets, strip headliners, dazzling showgirls, exclusive parties, and the world famous Las Vegas nightlife.

To add to the celebration Mr. Garon has contacted Elvis’ co-star of Viva Las Vegas, Ann Margret , saying;” I think it’s only fitting to invite the fabulous Ann Margret since her image and voice brought joy to the miners during their dark ordeal.”

“When you get rescued after being trapped for 69 days, 2000ft underground…where ya gonna go? Disneyland? No! You’re going to Las Vegas!” laughed The Official Elvis of Las Vegas who eagerly awaits confirmation on the invitation.

Las Vegas is ready to treat these Chilean heroes like KINGS, and that’s a promise from the Vegas King says Jesse Garon. “And that’s the whole truth!”