Palms Casino Resort Teams Up with Social Rewards

The Palms Casino Resort has partnered with Social Rewards, a sophisticated social media platform, which rewards Palms social media communities for their active promotion of unique events at the Palms. The Palms will be offering a variety of exclusive specials for users to communicate to their fans and followers and, in exchange, earn points that can be redeemed for various amenities at the Palms.

“Social Rewards is both honored and excited to be partnering with the trendiest Las Vegas property on the strip to promote social loyalty,” said Joseph Morin, CEO of Social Rewards. “The Palms Casino Resort truly exemplifies the term trendsetting and, with our rewards program, we hope to bring an even stronger sense of the impassioned loyalty that they have been showing their clientele over the last decade.”

Social Rewards features an advanced infrastructure with the ability to track brand mentions and sales activity offering a complete analytics package highlighting top brand advocates and conversions resulting from the most influential users.

“Social Media is a crucial part of our marketing plan and partnering with Social Rewards gives us a great opportunity to take it to another level by encouraging our most avid fans to promote the Palms to vast audiences,” said Jason Gastwirth, Chief Marketing Officer for the Palms Casino Resort.

Social Rewards blends social media, affiliate programs and loyalty marketing into one cohesive program. Designed to work with a brand’s existing loyalty program or provide a platform upon which a brand can create, customize and create a new one, Social Rewards monitors and tracks tweets, location-based check-ins such as Foursquare, Facebook likes and fan activity.

Join the Palms Social Rewards program at: