Holly Madison Turns Author for “The Showgirl Next Door”

Holly Madison Turns Author for “The Showgirl Next Door”
Holly Madison
will debut her first book with The Showgirl Next Door. The guide to Las Vegas’ best-kept secrets and intimate look at some of the most luxurious areas of Las Vegas will be distributed by Stephens Press and will be available for purchase beginning February 14, 2011. 

In “The Showgirl Next Door,” Holly Madison takes readers on a tour through the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas and the stark natural beauty of the surrounding desert from the unique perspective of a Strip headliner, former star of The Girls Next Door and current star of the hit reality show Holly’s World.

Madison, who stars in Peepshow at Planet Hollywood, has access like no author before her to high-roller areas and mansion-in-the-sky suites that are closed to all but a privileged few. In a chapter illustrated by dozens of photos, she leads a virtual tour through the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms, the Napoleon Suite at Paris Las Vegas, the Verona Suite (former home of Elvis Presley) at the Las Vegas Hilton and many more.

She also takes a look at the wacky attractions that line the road from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the peripatetic history of this former desert outpost, the evolution of the Vegas showgirl, the restaurants and clubs that pack the city and all of the activities and attractions, from snowboarding and off-road exploring to roller coasters and pool parties, that make the city so much fun.

In addition, Holly provides behind-the-scenes looks at “Peepshow” and her TV reality show, “Holly’s World,” and provides tips on looking fabulous in the desert, from what to pack to how to keep makeup from melting away in the extreme summer heat.

Through it all, Holly maintains her cheerful, optimistic spirit and makes it obvious why she fell crazy in love with her adopted hometown.