Resorts World Las Vegas Debuts First-Ever Property-Wide Multimedia Experience

Image Credit: Resorts World Las Vegas/Courtesy

Resorts World Las Vegas announced it is unveiling Glow, a one-of-a-kind video content and multimedia experience that will bring the property’s technologically advanced architecture – including one of the largest exterior LED buildings displays in the United States – to life.

The creative content, designed and produced by Moment Factory, an acclaimed creative international studio that specializes in multimedia entertainment and experiences, and Digital Kitchen, whose Emmy-winning storytelling and design captivate audiences, will include ten unique show capsules and five interstitial visuals displayed across Resorts World Las Vegas’ distinctive LED surfaces, ranging from the 100,000-square-foot West Tower display to the iconic 50-ft diameter interior globe.

“Developing and unveiling these incredible displays has been thrilling. The time, attention, and collaboration between our property teams and Moment Factory and Digital Kitchen over the last year resulted in truly fascinating, fun digital shows,” said Scott Sibella, Resorts World Las Vegas President. “Here at Resorts World Las Vegas, we’re always looking at how we can set ourselves apart in the hospitality industry and the best ways to provide our guests with the most exciting experiences possible.”  

Glow features eye-catching optical illusions and plays with depth in surprising ways, offering viewers exciting shows that tap into the energy of the city. The shows explore a variety of meaningful themes and narratives, integrating impactful soundtracks that support the overall tone of each individual show. These experiences will transport guests to extraordinary destinations, including a bioluminescent ocean, a synthwave cityscape, a feline-led psychedelic trip into space, a surrealist dance stage and a shimmering emerald jungle, among others.

Each of Moment Factory and Digital Kitchen’s ten show capsules are displayed simultaneously across the Resorts World Las Vegas property on multimedia features along the West Tower exterior, East Tower, and Zouk Nightclub facades, as well as the iconic, 50-foot globe, which was conceptualized by Steelman Partners and fabricated exclusively for Resorts World Las Vegas by Show Canada, located within The District, the resort’s retail, dining, and entertainment promenade. Additionally, five interstitial capsules were created specifically for the interior globe with rich ambient visuals that bring the sphere to life. Glow’s multimedia content creates stories that work individually across each of the five canvases, but when viewed from a far reveal an interconnected narrative.  

“Resort World Las Vegas presented us with an incredible multimedia canvas, whose variety of viewpoints offered the chance to create a holistic experience and a landmark spectacle that offer moments of amazement to visitors. Moment Factory is proud to have contributed to bringing the resort’s media architecture to life,” said Cheryl Catterall, Creative Director at Moment Factory.

Glow runs daily every hour on the hour from noon – 1 a.m. For additional information, please visit

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