Getting Through The Vegas Holiday Season With An Addiction

[Guest Post]

Photo Credit: Pablo Rogat/Shutterstock

Whether you’re planning a trip, visiting relatives, or happen to be a Las Vegas resident, getting through the holidays as a current or recovering addict in this entertainment mecca is no easy feat. The many casinos, bars, and nightclubs are packed with vices that quickly draw you in, especially during the holiday season when celebrations, parties, and festive events are commonplace. 

If you’re worried about falling off the wagon or diving deeper into the rabbit hole this holiday season, you’re not alone. The good news is having a good time in Las Vegas doesn’t have to stress you out. Below are some suggestions on how to get through the next few weeks. 

Be Aware of Your Triggers And Limits

You, better than anyone, know what you can and can’t handle. You also understand what prompts you to want to abuse unhealthy substances. Therefore, you must pay attention to these factors during your time in Las Vegas. If you can’t be around alcohol at all, then you know you should stay away from places that serve adult drinks. Similarly, if you’re triggered to drink when certain toxic family members or friends are around, then you should probably plan to leave before they get there or arrive after they’ve left. 

Stick To Events Hosted By Loved Ones

If you’re struggling with substance abuse or are on a recovery journey, stick with familiar surroundings. Your friends and family know what you’re going through. They have your best interest at heart and will do what they can to accommodate you by eliminating triggers and providing a safe environment for you to celebrate the holidays. 

Bring An Accountability Partner

When you’re planning on attending events in Las Vegas where there will be temptations, having an accountability partner with you can make all the difference. Ask a friend or relative to accompany you to the event to help keep you on the right path. 

Visit Places Other Than Casinos

Las Vegas is well-known for its many casinos. However, venturing into a casino may not be ideal when you’re dealing with substance abuse or recovery. The good news is there’s a lot more to Las Vegas than gambling. Try finding something else to do during the holidays that’s equally stimulating but has fewer temptations. 

For instance, you could visit the Stratosphere where you’ll get to see the city from high in the sky. There’s a restaurant for dining, a platform for viewing the city and taking photos, and even rides you can try for an all-around thrilling experience. If you’re looking for a place to shop, dine, and be entertained, there’s always Freemont Street. You can check out amazing light shows, shop, go zip lining, attend free concerts, and more. 

Of course, that’s not all there is to see and do in Las Vegas that can be fun during the holidays. The idea is ultimately to steer clear of locations that will tempt you to abuse drugs or alcohol. So, do some research to find out what activities you’d like to try during your visit. 

Get Help

If things are more complicated than you thought they would be this holiday season, you shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get help immediately. Several treatment centers in Las Vegas assist individuals with combatting substance abuse and addiction. Reaching out brings you the support you need to press through this challenging time. Whether you check in for in-patient services or contact the center about meetings and support groups you can attend when you’re feeling weak, they’ll be happy to help you. 

The holidays, in general, are trying times for people dealing with substance abuse, addiction, or recovery. Adding to that, a city where accessing vices is easy can make things more challenging. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that you have to cancel your trip to Las Vegas or stay cooped up in your home or hotel room. As you can see from the suggestions above, several options enable you to have a good time without falling prey to temptation.