Travel Tips For When Staying in Las Vegas

[Guest Post]

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Coming to Las Vegas can be a life-changing experience. You are entering a destination that has had 41 million visitors – only in one year. Experiencing fabulous restaurants, unforgettable shows, splurging at shopping malls, and visiting attractions that will jumpstart your adrenaline. In order to have the best time in this city, this article will provide you with tips and tricks that any first-time visitor should know. Instead of wasting time getting lost in the city and overspending on your budget, you will walk around looking like a local. 

Become Friends With the City 

Just like with trips traveling to different countries and cities, the best way to get the most out of your time in Las Vegas is to get acquainted with the area as soon as you arrive and before you decide to take on any adventures. Once you arrive you want to scour your area. Take a walk around the hotel or casino looking for where restaurants, restrooms, and vending machines are located. 

After touring the hotel or casino, aim to take a small stroll or drive downtown and around the streets. Carry a map with you or use online maps to scout out the area of town you are staying in. Look around for restaurants, casinos, and other attractions that you plan to visit. A great way to get to know the city and the history of the town is to hop on a Big Bus. This provides you with a narrated tour of the city, they take you to 20+ stops between the Las Vegas strip and downtown. 

One thing to remember about Las Vegas is that distances are on the phone or on maps, even in person. After setting out and deciding to walk from one building to another such as the Bellagio to the MGM Grand you’ll be asking who made you do it. A walk to something that is two buildings away is manageable but it is recommended that you find other types of transport for anything longer than that. Keep in mind that the Strip is four miles long!

Be Prepared to be Patient 

When it comes to transportation around Las Vegas the most recommended is to do ride-sharing. Be ready to ask the taxi lines at the airport or hotel if they are heading to the same property (or near) as you are heading. Most people in the city are nice enough to let you tag along with them. If you are coming from the airport you can also take a shuttle, it will cost you a lot less. However, this also means that you will be waiting in the car as other people are being dropped off at their destinations. If time isn’t a factor this is one of the best ways to cut down on your costs. 

If you are thinking of going around using taxis, the one thing you need to factor in is the time it takes for a taxi to arrive. One of the main reasons visitors are late whenever they visit Las Vegas is because they forget that the taxi service in a busy town like this one isn’t as choppy as what they may be used to. Try ordering a taxi no less than 30 minutes before you actually want to leave your location. If you are moving around during prime dinner times then you will have to increase this order time to an hour if you want to get somewhere on time. Even more time, if you are leaving from a convention, concert or an event with lots of people. 

Steer Clear of Peak Dinner Times 

If you are someone who would prefer a calmer setting for getting around the town then avoiding peak dinner times is the best option. Las Vegas’ heaviest dinner times are between 6-8 pm, this is when everyone is leaving their homes, heading out to dinner, or for a fun night on the town. If you want to have dinner you can choose to have an early dinner from 5 to 5:30 or a later dinner after peak hours from 8:30 to 9 pm. 

There are many reasons for you to avoid peak times, it just makes life a bit easier and you’ll be wasting less time. If you are counting on visiting a buffet, having an earlier dinner is a favorable option because the lines can get very busy. You’ll be standing around waiting for hours before you can get a seat. Peak dinner times also mean a lot of traffic. It is when taxis may be priced a bit higher than other times of the day. It also means that you want to book your taxi an hour or two before planning to head out – like mentioned above. 

Of course, you might want to spend one night out on the town in prime time just to get a glimpse of the bustling city life but after one night you might choose an easier and more convenient dinner time. If you are on a budget in Las Vegas or would rather spend your money on other things then you can always choose a place to stay with a small kitchen. Check out Instant Pot guru Corrie Cooks for fast and easy recipes. 

Be Prepared 

Being prepared in Las Vegas means carrying a light jacket, water, and sunscreen everywhere. A trip to the Strip involves so much walking that even if it’s the middle of summer you will want to have a light jacket or a shawl with you, a water bottle, and sunscreen. The jacket will be more useful than you anticipate, it can be used to cover up from the sun or keep you warm when you walk into the casinos because they blast the AC during the summer to compensate for the heat. 

A bottle of water and sunscreen however are the two stars of the show. If you are leaving the casino or the hotel you will need to have these two items with you. The sun shines very strongly in Las Vegas, even going on a short excursion will leave you dehydrated. Keeping up the fluids will make sure that you don’t suffer from dehydration and you can fully enjoy your trip. 


Once you get there you will want to sign up for a casino player’s club, even if you don’t plan on doing much gambling. The player’s club is the ultimate way that you can get freebies and discounts for restaurants, shows, and attractions. Everywhere you go within the property you will be able to use it. In the end, it will save you more money than you realize. On the other hand, if you do plan on gambling then this is a must. If you accrue enough points you could win enough freebies for a return trip back to Las Vegas. 

If you are heading to Las Vegas and you want to enjoy some gambling but you aren’t as comfortable with any of the games then you will want to take some gambling lessons. Most casinos whether they’re big or small do offer free gambling lessons. It allows you to find out if you enjoy the sport or would rather be doing other things. You will learn the rules, pick up dealer speak, find out where to sit at the table, and do other things. It will make you much more comfortable going into play and you won’t have to worry about looking like a newbie in front of everyone else.