Spooky & Chic Baubles for an Eerie Halloween Party

[Guest Post]

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Isn’t Halloween the best holiday ever? It is all about dressing up, that too, in the most elaborate way. But while doing so, you should lose sight of your personality. Dressing right for the spooky night takes effort in the right direction. From the accessories you will put on to the jewelry that will assist you in getting that fright look, it is really a game of how well you choose your accessories.

To look Halloween-ready, rather than wasting your energy and time getting together a perfect outfit, you should focus on your jewelry. From spooky motif earrings to wicked charm bracelets, this Halloween celebration has stunning new jewelry pieces that may very well become the trend for the upcoming season. It will enhance the horror mood you are going for.

Below we have put together five such jewelry pieces to help you bring on your A-game for the upcoming Halloween. Read on.

1. Crystal Drop Earrings

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Thinking of something extravagant for your party? A pair of statement earrings can transform any look, whether it’s an old dress or an all-out party gown. Grab a pair of drop earrings encrusted with colorful crystals to play hero at your Halloween party. The rare and exquisite Tanzanite earrings include several blue-violet stone pieces and perfectly resembles the famous Blue Sapphire. From statement solitaire strings hanging in a fringe to heavy pearl shoulder dusters, there’s an array of styles to transform your festive look. Be prepared to go-big-or-go-home at a Halloween party, so it’s better to go all out with an A-list favorite crystal-embellished drop earrings in your choice of metal to finish your look.   

2. Pendant Necklace

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A Halloween party can be your reason to try something trendy, stylish, and wild. One of Halloween’s favorite accessories is none other than pendant chains, full of gloomy, dark, metallic stones and crystals such as Tourmaline, Obsidian, Black Diamond, or Shungite. Shungite jewelry is not only Halloween-appropriate but can also be reworked once it ends for the many healing properties that it inhibits. The stone is known to reduce inflammation, stress, ease any muscle pain and protect from EMFs. It can also balance your body’s chakras if worn daily, so make sure to carry it to work, and you will surely experience better productivity, an increase in your memory span, and a positive surrounding overall. 

3. Charms Bracelet

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Well, Halloween is a festival where you can be as creative as you want. Think of a charm bracelet when it comes to accessories, as you can go crazy with different shapes, motifs, metals, textures, and settings. Play around with colors, spooky shapes like skulls, witches, pumpkins, ghost emojis, coffins, skeletons, etc. The thing about charms or personalized bracelets is that they can be worn later once the festival ends. However, playing around the theme of Halloween, add as many charms as you like, including colorful crystals and diamonds to create a glamorous look. Also, you can make your own charms bracelet by taking a chain-link bracelet/necklace and adding different charms to them. Please go on, try it this Halloween season!

4. Motif Pendants

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One cannot celebrate the spooky season without embracing its old magical traditions. From the gory decorations, carved pumpkins, creepy cobwebs, twinkling lights, everything screams festivities. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece that puts you on everybody’s favorite list, then we recommend a striking pendant piece, accented with bold enamels, gemstones, exciting shapes, and motifs, to go with your outfit. Women can also take inspiration from their Halloween costumes and characters. In case if you’re playing Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, then Tiffany & Co.’s Return to Tiffany’s beaded necklace with the iconic blue enamel charm is the way to go. Or if you plan to dress up as Cher from Clueless, then the famous pendant choker is another iconic adornment you could get for the festival. 

5. Pearl Jewelry

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If you want to get into the Halloween spirit, you may as well have to look the part. There’s a whole range of accessories that you can pair with your perfect Halloween costume. We’re not asking that you take grandma’s pearls away from her nightstand unless you’re dressed as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s or are recreating celebrity red carpet looks such as Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes, Asap Rocky, etc. We mean a spookier, chunkier, mega-sized, in-the-face version like seen in the film The Great Gatsby or Elizabeth Taylor’s collection. One can use pearls for different areas of their body, starting with a crown/barrette for your head, trying DIY pearl sunglasses from Chanel, a multilayered pearl belt to match your black satin skirt, or even a pearl-enabled mask, in case you want to look ‘extra.’