Best Mobile Phones to Buy Under 1000 Dollars

Photo Credit: Camilo Jimenez/Unsplash

[Guest Post]

In today’s modern-day world, mobile phones are perhaps the main devices that serve many purposes at once. With the progression of innovation, the impact that cell phones have over our modern lives has expanded. Especially with more production of Smartphones, that literally provide you with all the necessary features along with being a great source of entertainment too. This makes it considerably more important for us to settle on the right decision while choosing a mobile phone to buy. 

It’s not just about the features, but it’s also about the budget when it comes to buying mobile phones. Since there are a number of companies that launch and sell mobile phones with different features, at different prices, Therefore, you don’t really need to spend an excessive amount to get something great! 

You can undoubtedly purchase great mobiles for under $1000. Well-known companies like Apple, Samsung, etc. sell quality smartphones under $1000 and you can also save more by taking advantage of the discounts they offer. Currently, Samsung is offering up to 40% off on all its products by using Samsung coupons. If you’re thinking about the best mobile phone for under $1000, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the best mobiles you can get for under $1000:

  • Google Pixel 4a 

Google sells some of the most underrated yet the best smartphones ever. You can generally trust a Pixel for the right camera. Google pixel 4a has an amazing camera upheld by an AMOLED Screen which makes it an excellent option to buy under $1000. The user interface is easy and the phone is pretty simple to use. It’s a decent mobile phone and has some pretty great features like fingerprint sensors, face unlocks option, along with being completely waterproof. The Google Pixel 4a is a standout amongst others because of its hardware. Not many smartphone companies offer hardware like that at a price that’s under $1000. The phone doesn’t only function smoothly, but it also comes with chic looks. It has an awesome UI and it likewise has incredible battery life so it’s really a great option!

  • Apple iPhone X

Whenever you hear the word apple in the smartphone world, you already get a feeling that something great is coming up. Apple is one of the best smartphone brands to exist. Apple iPhones are a bit expensive but the features and looks of an iPhone are remarkable and totally worth it. iPhone X is the first X series smartphone launched by apple. The phone comes with an amazing camera quality of 12mp dual pixel back camera and a 7mp front camera. The super retina OLED display with 3D touch is another feature that puts it under the best smartphone finds. It comes with the A11 bionic chips which is one of the fastest chipset to ever exist. The phone comes with astonishing features and that too under $1000, so it’s definitely a great bet.

  • Motorola 1 Vision Plus 

Motorola, as a company, has gained popularity over the years. This time, it has genuinely intrigued everybody with its launch of the smooth plan with the upgraded One Vision Plus (A replacement to last year’s Motorola One Vision). The product is really considered perfect and it is supported with incredible battery life which is definitely worth the cost. The only thing you’ll have to compromise with is the satisfactory camera quality of the phone. Motorola has always been renowned for making quality smartphones at prices generally cheaper than most other brands, so if you’re on a strict budget, Moto One Vision Plus is the safest bet.

  • Apple iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is absolutely extraordinary as compared to any other cell phone in the running. Be it for gaming, essential everyday use, work purposes, etc, the iPhone 11 has got it all covered. One of the best specs of the iPhone 11 is that it comes with the most recent A13 Bionic chip. On top of that, you get a fresh HDR10 display in the iPhone 11. In the camera viewpoint, Apple has proved itself to stand out, every-time. On the back, there’s a 12 MP double camera arrangement that comes with a wide point sensor and zooming focal point. With regards to video shooting capacities, the iPhone 11 is literally awesome. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Note10 

The amazing Samsung Galaxy Note10 has that irrefutable completion that Samsung gives! In addition, the smartphone has an extraordinary battery life along with really commendable camera quality, for both rear and front cameras. It also has an in-show unique fingerprint sensor for unlocking the phone. Samsung Galaxy Note10 also supports Samsung’s own Fast Wireless Charging 2.0. Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is appraised as an IP68 cell phone. It implies this cell phone has a residue rating of 6 (Highest-level assurance) and a Water-opposition rating of 8, which is also one of the reasons why it comes under the best smartphone priced under $1000.

  • OnePlus 8 pro 

The All-new OnePlus 8 Pro is simply controlled by the Snapdragon 865 which makes it one of the smoothest functioning smartphones in the market. It comes with not one, but rather two 48MP cameras at the back joined with another zooming focal point. The OnePlus 8 pro comes with a ravishing 120Hz QHD AMOLED display and is also very slim and easy to hold. Its smooth and easy-going programming makes it stand out amongst the others, and all these amazing features are offered at a price lower than the other hyped brands!

  • Apple iPhone 12 Mini 

As the name suggests, the phone is a mini version of the all-new iPhone 12, which makes it more affordable and hence a better choice when it comes to looking at the finances. Apple claims the iPhone 12 mini to be ‘mini but mighty’ and it’s safe to say that the claim is absolutely true. The phone’s newly introduced BLUE color gives it a pretty chic and stylish look. It comes with a 5.4” display which also makes the phone small and easy to hold. The body is built with gorilla glass (both at front and back). The mighty A14 bionic chip makes it a really fast smartphone. Along with all these amazing features, the camera quality is astonishing, needless to say! 


All these mobiles are really great options, so it’s up to you to choose one according to your needs and budget. You can easily save more time and money while smartphone shopping if you try buying one online. Online shopping saves a lot of your time because you don’t have to wander around in markets and at stores to get the best products. The added advantage of savings is also what makes online shopping a more feasible and better option! With so many offers and sales going on, now is the best time to upgrade your phone or get a new one, so don’t sleep on these amazing offers and get the best quality smartphone now!