Food and Meat Processing Equipment For Las Vegas Butchers

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If you are an owner of a butchery or other food processing facility in Las Vegas, you are aware of the importance of quality equipment to maintain production continuity. An extremely demanding market means that there is no room for errors or delays. ERY Food Machinery is a professional company which offers such machines. We have over 1000 pieces of new and used equipment for the food industry from the best manufacturers. You will find devices for both smaller and larger butcher shops, restaurants, hotels, and other catering related businesses. Check out our full offer and find something that suits your company.

New Butcher Machines – Professional Modern Devices

On the website of ERY Food Machinery, you will find new, modern machines with high performance and reliability that will meet the requirements of even the most demanding facilities. We select only machines that meet the highest standards. This is due to the fact that we work only with manufacturers who have a great experience and made a name for themselves in this business, such as Treif, Velati, Loma, Marel, Vemag or Handtmann. Our offer includes: butcher machines, dicers, vacuum tumblers, meat grinders, mixers, vacuum stuffers, vacuum packing machines and many more. 

The machines in our offer are characterized by: powerful motors, voluminous tanks, high capacity, sharp modern blades and  safe, easily removable parts. We have a variety of devices in our assortment to meet your expectations regardless of the type and size of business. They differ in size, shape, and power. We are confident that we have something you will be interested in.

Photo Credit: ERY Food Machinery

Used Butchers Machinery – As Good as New

We also offer used food and meat processing equipment. Thanks to a thorough selection, we acquire devices in excellent condition to serve you for many years despite its previous use. Used machines at ERY Food Machinery are continuously serviced to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Every piece of machinery is carefully selected and tested and comes from the best known manufacturers in this industry, so you know that you will get the highest quality possible. This allows you to purchase equipment that is not inferior in quality compared to new devices at a much lower price

You can be sure that the machines will provide you with maximum performance throughout their long lifetime. For example, the vacuum packing machine Multivac R85 thermoformer built in 2015 with only 22 working hours on the clock!

Photo Credit: ERY Food Machinery

Stickers – Modern Machine for Slicing Meat

A steaker is a device for slicing meat products in chops, steaks, and burgers. It is perfect for places where meat is served on a large scale:  restaurants, canteens, catering companies, or wedding halls. Any catering establishment with such a machine will be able to serve freshly prepared meat, which will significantly increase the quality of meals. More powerful ang bigger machines are great for meat processing facilities and butcher shops. Stickers in our offer cut meat in a very precise way and are made of high-class stainless steel, which is very durable.

A great example is The Treif JAGUAR – slicing and portion cutting machine characterised by a simple design, safety and high functionality. Multiple operating modes make it an excellent choice for butcher’s trade, canteen kitchens and supermarkets.

Photo Credit: ERY Food Machinery

Meet the Tough Challenges of the Las Vegas Food Market – Invest in Our Machines

If you are planning to establish a restaurant or other food related business in Las Vegas, you will face many difficult challenges. With such a large market and number of tourists, you will need extremely reliable equipment to meet customers’ demand. We invite you to visit our website and check the full offer of our food processing equipment. 

We have experience in operating on the Polish and European markets. Furthermore, we provide professional service from start to finish. On client’s request, we can acquire selected machinery from trusted suppliers and the best manufacturers in the industry. We will be happy to tell you about the technical condition, service, and maintenance of the device you are interested in. Excellent quality and good prices – only in ERY Food Machinery.