What to Include in Your Email About Your Trip to Las Vegas

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[Guest Post]

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, especially when you go with the right friends. Your adventure can be as tame and mild as watching entertaining concerts and shows and touring The Venetian Hotel or as wild and exciting as a raunchy stage show you won’t want to tell your mother about. Going to Vegas is for almost everyone and has something exciting and new each time you go. There are mysterious exhibits that make you wonder if aliens really do exist and musical numbers with high notes you never thought were possible. But coordinating your closest friends for a trip to Las Vegas can be a daunting task. If you’re up for it, here are the things you’ll need to craft the perfect friend email.

Include Everyone You Want to Invite

It’s probably easiest to send a mass email about the impending trip. You can simply CC everyone, or if you prefer no one to know who else is invited, feel free to BCC. Just be careful not to reply all or you might end up super embarrassed. Whether it’s a guy’s trip to celebrate a milestone or a ladies’ trip for a much-needed reprieve, only include the people you are fine with spending several days with.

Be Specific About Dates

If you have exact dates already, you need to make it clear in your email. Not, “I’m thinking of these dates” or “Maybe we could go at this time.” Make it decisive. “Let’s head to Vegas August 8-10.” People like specificity. Or if you have a couple of options, let them vote on the dates. “Friends are forever, let’s have a blast in Vegas. The dates are October 1-4, 2021 or January 8-10, 2022.”

Make it Fun

Okay, no one wants to read a “Dear Sir or Madam” type of email for a trip to Vegas. Spice it up with fun JibJab ecards that have everyone’s faces on them. They are good for a laugh and can easily set the tone for what you want the trip to be like. If you’re looking for something salty and wild, send a teaser email they won’t be able to forget.

Suggest Activities You Know Everyone Will Enjoy

Instead of simply asking, “What do you want to do?”, try offering suggestions first. Tell your friends, “Hey, I’d love to watch that Britney Spears concert so we can relive the glory days from high school, eat out at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, and tour the Venetian. What else do you think we should do on our trip?” Take everyone’s suggestions into account and then create an itinerary based on those. Make sure each individual knows they are responsible for buying their own tickets to the events otherwise you might end up footing the bill for everyone.

Where Will You Stay?

Are you looking at staying at a cheap dive motel, or looking for a luxurious adventure? You’ll need to include your expectation at the beginning. “Hey guys, I don’t want to stay at some cheap motel, how about we splurge on a suite at the MGM grand? If we split the cost we can save a ton of money and have a nice place to sleep after we party all night long. Here is the cost breakdown.” Picking a place to stay can set the tone for the entire trip. You can also suggest alternatives that are close to the activities you want to do the most.


Bring up transportation in the email. How will you get there and how will you get around once you are there? There are countless Uber rides and public transportation options to get you around the strip and beyond. Depending on where you live, you might be able to also turn your Vegas adventure into a fun road trip. Some people love this idea, while others would prefer to just hop on an airplane. Make suggestions and see what everyone thinks. If you plan to drink a lot as a group, it’s probably best that you don’t rent a car to drive. Let’s face it, which one of you will volunteer to be the designated driver?

If you love Vegas or you’ve never been, make sure you craft an email your friends can’t ignore. If you want responses promptly, you could even follow-up with a quick text letting them know to check their inbox.