The Top 3 Slots to Play in Las Vegas Casinos

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Las Vegas is the gambling mecca of the Western world. Naturally, being the gambling capital, the best casino games can be found here. With that in mind, top casinos offer the most played games. According to data analytics, these are the top 3 slots played in trending land casinos in Las Vegas!


The Bellagio Casino in Vegas provides some of the most sensational slot entertainment. With slot tournament prizes ranging from anything between $100,000 to $2,000,000, it’s no wonder the casino attracts elite players from all over the globe. However, when it comes to the famous IGT creation that is Megabucks, players can expect more! In fact, the last jackpot amount won playing Megabucks at the Bellagio Casino was a whopping $12,262,968.60.

Megabucks offers a variety of minimum and maximum deposit amounts at the Bellagio. Nevertheless, there is a standard betting size of $1.00. Furthermore, to qualify for the jackpot payout, players must bet at least$3.00 per spin. This interactive game of fortune offers a progressive jackpot, but even the standard jackpot begins at $10 million.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is another popular progressive jackpot casino game created by IGT. In fact, it is so popular that IGT has created more than 80 variants of this dynamic game. This vast array provides players with various themes, reel formats, and bet sizes. Naturally, the best land-based casinos aim to provide players with access to such games. In fact, the Plaza Hotel and Casino dedicates an entire section of its casino floor to a Wheel of Fortune Slots Zone! Players can access a massive 40 different variants of this game. To date, Wheel of Fortune has paid out over $3 billion in jackpot prizes. With the Plaza Hotel and Casino providing players with access to so many variants of the game, the casino is only gaining more publicity. Essentially, if you are at the Plaza Hotel and Casino, playing the Wheel of Fortune is a rendezvous of mystery, exclusive to Vegas!

Double Jackpot

The Double Jackpot slot game is a Vegas favorite. In fact, most of the casino lobbies are home to this Bally creation. Bally offers players a variety of fruity symbol slots, each one offering a dynamic ‘fruity slot’ feel. However, unlike regular fruit slots, Double Jackpot delivers a staggering jackpot amount. For example, landing 5 Double Jackpot symbols across the reels delivers a jackpot of $50 000! Additionally, players stand to unlock 16x multipliers throughout gameplay.

Double Jackpot is a simple and easy game to play with just 3 reels. Furthermore, players can make a minimum bet of 0.25c and a maximum of $250 per spin!

As many slot enthusiasts are aware, Las Vegas is a thrilling location to find potential wins. All the best casino games are readily available to you in one pulsating city gaming hub. Equally important, there are casino games for every budget. So visit the top land-based casinos in Vegas, and stand the chance of winning life-changing cash prizes.

You can prepare for your trip to Vegas by practising online. That’s because many of your favorite Las Vegas slots can also be played online via websites such as Stashbird and Slot Catalog.