4 Tips For Hiring the Best Movers in Vegas

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Moving houses is stressful and tiresome as it is exciting and thrilling. However, all the changes in scenery that are about to take place, dealing with toddlers, pets, house plants, heavy furniture, or expensive antiques that also need to be relocated could truly pull a number on most people. If you have zero experience moving house and this is your first time having to worry about finding a reliable moving company or the right moving supplies, you have reached the right page. 

LifeinVegas can be pretty hectic, and deciding to move here or more from Vegas to a different part of the country will be done best with the help of professional movers. These next few tips should help you understand how to go about it so you can increase your chances of enjoying a hassle-free, smooth relocation.

Tip #1: Calculate Your Exact Moving Distance

It will help you make better hiring decisions, as the distance will determine most of the moving cost. If you are working with a limited budget, you will need to pay close attention to this particular aspect. Some movers will try to take advantage of the distance factor and overcharge you for the extra fuel in case of long-distance moving. The best movers, on the other hand, only work with fuel-efficient moving trucks and vans that will actually save on gas. Accordingly, the savings will be further passed on to you, so you can pay less for a long distance move.

Use special distance calculators online to find out the exact mileage for your move and consult the gas prices in the area to know what to expect.

Tip #2: Decide If You Need Expert Packing

Make sure you hire a reliable mover in Las Vegas that is ready to cater to any moving need, ranging from partial or full packing, including antique item packing, temporary storage solutions for bulky furniture and kitchen appliances, or simple transportation needs. There is no point in hiring two distinct services to individually handle your moving and packing. Instead, aim for a company that provides you with all of these options, just in case you change your mind and decide you should also use professional packers. Take a look at reputablemover.com and check out the hottest and most popular Las Vegas movers and their current services to get a better understanding of what to expect. 

Tip #3: Run A Background Check

Before you are ready to sign a deal with any mover, make sure to take some time and check their background. Do this by reading customer reviews or looking for any resolved or unresolved BBB claims they might have so you can get a better sense of their line of work. Take a look at their social media pages and read the revealing comments there, mostly focusing on negative reviews that should help you understand what are the companies’ weaknesses.

Tip #4: Safety First, Always

Never try to aim for the lower rates in the market while potentially putting the security of your precious items at risk of damage. A lot of people are afraid that their belongings might get stolen or damaged during transportation and improper manipulation, or even fail to reach their final destination because of one reason or the other. This is why it is essential to know for a fact that the company you are about to hire is known for its powerful security policies. Hire a mover that uses special crating solutions for precious items for top security during the transfer.

Finally, get in touch with the movers and ask them to give you their carrier license number, then do a check online and make sure it is 100% legitimate. See that you enjoy communicating with them and that they are highly responsive and open to answering all your questions.