Tips for Making Hilarious Memes & Inspiring Meme Ideas

[Guest Post]

These days, people turn to the digital world for most of their needs. Considering the amount of time people spend relaxing on social media, there is a great demand for light-hearted content. Memes have pop culture or current affairs references, witty comments, and exhibit advanced photo editing skills. These provide humorous content to digital users. Memes are the funny bones of social media and have emerged as one of the most shared forms of digital content.

Brands were quick to realize the potential of memes, and many of them have started creating memes to connect with their target audience. Others repurpose the popular memes by adding their branding. Irrespective of your approach to memes, you need to plan your content to ensure that they are hilarious and strike the right chord with the audience. Here are some meme tips that will help you in the journey.

Use High-Quality Images and Video

The quality of the image or video helps the viewer form their first impression about the meme. Avoid blurry visuals, and make sure that you color correct the clip before using it. Depending on the platform where you intend to share the meme, make sure that you choose an appropriate aspect ratio for your meme.

Work on the Text

While the image helps to improve the visual appeal of your meme, it is the witty texts that give context to the meme and make it memorable. Invest in the copyrighting of your memes and come up with quippy and relatable texts. Avoid making the texts unnecessarily wordy. Also, save your audience the pain of squinting by having the text in easy-to-read, large fonts.

Keep Up with Trending Content

Viral YouTube videos, speeches by national and world leaders, and red-carpet wardrobe malfunctions provide fodder for viral meme content. To create high-quality memes, we recommend that you keep an eye on the popular video and news-sharing platforms. The sooner you leverage a viral trend, the higher will be the chances of your meme being shared.

Incorporate Brand Identity for Marketing Memes

If you are a brand that is incorporating memes as a part of the digital marketing strategy, you need to incorporate your brand identity in your memes.

While it is acceptable to poke fun at your product or brand, make sure that the joke is not based on your customers. Not everyone likes to be made fun of, and an insensitive remark on your part may hamper your brand image.

When you add your brand image or logo to a meme, make sure you do not force it to fit. The brand indication should be subtle, and the focus of your meme should be on making the viewer laugh.

Experiment with Different Types of Memes

Traditionally, pictorial memes were the only form of meme content. While image-based memes are still highly popular, today memes can be in the forms of videos, GIFs, and stickers. As a meme creator, try to diversify and create different types of memes to engage your audience.

Make Sure That Your Memes Do Not Offend Anybody

Memes often leverage political satire, and you need to walk the tightrope between hilarious and insulting. Reconsider the elements of your meme to ensure that its contents do not come off as insulting to any group or community. As a content creator, if you hurt the sentiments of a group, it is likely to take a toll on your online image.

Leverage the Appropriate Meme Making Tools

The reason for the immense popularity of memes can be attributed to the fact that they are simple to create. We suggest that you use a meme generator tool such as InVideo that will give you exclusive meme templates. Once you are clear on the template you need, the image you want to, and the caption, creating a meme is a cakewalk with such a tool.

By now, you are aware of the things that you need to do to create a quality meme. Let us now take a look at some inspiring meme ideas.

Retro Memes

These memes trigger nostalgia by triggering memories of the bygone days. For example, the 80’s starter pack memes show items that people who grew up in the 1980s can relate to. The retro memes can include references to old pop culture, items, old electronics, etc. These are especially useful if your meme is targeted at older demographics.

Side-by-side Memes

As a content creator, you can use your powers of observation to identify a common thread between two images. When you use the right tone to share such insights with the world, the results are hilarious. For example, you can create a meme on the similar looks between a human and an animal’s expressions.

In a pandemic where everyone is following social distancing norms, memes on what you think versus reality are gaining rapid popularity. Another common type of side-by-side meme is when you compare outrageous celebrity clothing to everyday objects.

Classic Photo Meme

Meme creation is a simple process, and you can take a stock image, add a catchy caption to it, and come up with a classic meme. Classic memes have the traditional white font with a black outline. If you have a funny photograph from your archives, you can create a classic meme of it. Photographs of children and pets provide good fodder for classic memes.

No-one Meme

If you have an out-of-the-box hilarious idea, then you can create a no-one meme on it. Brands can leverage this format of memes to point out eccentric things that everyone talks about but is rarely spoken about. For example, most of us turn down the volume of the music system while looking for an address in the car’s navigation system. While this is weird, not many people talk about it.

The process of creating memes is just as fun as watching them. The above ideas open the door to a future of hilarious possibilities in the world of meme-making. As you strive towards creating hilarious memes, here’s hoping that the meme tips discussed in this article were helpful to you.