Best Site to Buy Prop Movie Money (Realistic & Non-Glossy)

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Prop movie money has evolved throughout the years, giving the entertainment industry tons of new ways to wow you. It has made action movies feel more intense, and music videos feel more inspiring. It may seem like such a simple prop, but without it, your money shots wouldn’t look as fabulous as they do now.

So, suppose you are a movie producer, Youtuber, photographer, or anyone else in the entertainment industry looking to buy some fantastic prop movie money to add to your production. In that case, you’re probably wondering where you can go to purchase some high-quality, affordable fake cash. We suggest checking out for all of your movie money needs.

Why Do People Buy Prop Money?

There are a lot of reasons why people need to purchase movie money. When deciding to buy movie money, the most common and most understandable reason is not wanting to use real cash. Why wouldn’t you want to film the real deal in a movie to get the best scene possible? Well, let take a look.

1. Destruction

In movie scenes throughout time, acts like burning, hiding, or blowing up money have made movies more intense and extremely suspenseful. Because of the obvious reasons, films have never been able to create such amazing scenes until motion picture money made it easy to do. 

2. Security

Although there are still some security issues that need to be addressed from time to time with fake prop money, those issues are not nearly as costly to the production company as they would be if using real money. 

Movie producers have to risk theft or loss when they are filming real currency, and that can start to add up quickly, even if it is not a lot going missing at one time.

3. Quantity

Unless you want to take out millions of bills from a bank during a bank robbery or a raid in the secret hide of the drug cartel, using replica money is going to help give you a lot of cash quickly—especially when using a reputable prop money company that provides fast shipping. 

Why PropMoney.Movie Is The Best?

When searching for the best prop money on the market today, you want to look for a company that offers quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction.  There are many motion picture money businesses available to the public online and in stores, but they are not all the same.

PropMoney LLC is an excellent option for all of your movie money needs. This company provides fantastic services and a great product that is hard to find in many places. PropMoney LLC is grateful for its customers and wants to give them the best service possible. Starting here for your movie money needs would be a great decision.

Here are some of the top reasons why their props are the best: 

1. Non-Glossy

Never purchase any type of fake money that looks glossy or has a gloss coat added to it. This will reflect on the camera and make the shot nearly impossible, let alone realistic looking.

PropMoney LLC makes sure their money looks excellent but can still be filmed to look precisely like it should when the camera is focused directly on the bill.

2. Best Replica Design

Unless you are purchasing fake money for a prank gift or a party theme, you are going to want to go with a prop company that creates a great replica of the currency you need. 

The biggest issue with this is making sure that the prop replica is not TOO close to the real cash money. For legal purposes, you never want your prop fake money been seen as possible counterfeit cash, giving the appearance you are trying to use your fake money for fraudulent purposes. 

Keeping that in mind, the best companies are going to follow the rules set by the United States Secret Service while still providing you with prop movie money that will fool the audience. 

You want to choose someone who knows the proper historical figures to place on the bills along with the right look for each time period. And while your fake money is never going to feel just like real money, its better look like it would.

3. Realistic Colors

Luckily, the laws in place for how to color your realistic fake money are easy to abide by while still getting you as close as possible without taking away from the realistic look. That’s why PropMoney LLC is able to make your money look so legit.

On these bills, you can see how detailed the colors are and how closely they replicate the actual look. 

4. Excellent Paper Texture

Like previously mentioned, you can never get your money to feel exactly like legit legal currency. You can, however, get fairly close. Making real prop money look the part of real money is important especially when you are filming a scene where someone is handling the cash on camera. 

PropMoney LLC guarantees some of the most realistic textures you can legally produce with prop cash.

5. Affordable Prices

Anyone working in the movie industry today knows that the cost of film production is in the millions for high-end filming and those that are new to movie making want to cut costs just as much. That’s why no matter what your budget is when working in the entertainment industry, affordable, high-quality prop money that looks real is a necessity.

When shopping at places like you never have to worry about going over budget or sacrificing quality for a low cost. All of their money is made by professionals with customer satisfaction and affordability in mind.

6. Fast 2-Day Shipping

Imagine you are preparing to shoot, your cast is being paid by the hour and your truck carrying your props (including the money) never showed. With PropMoney LLC, that problem is going to have a very simple solution. 

With PropMoney LLC’s fast 2-day shipping, you can take your time filming other scenes to give them just enough to fill your order and getting it to you ASAP.  Never worry about missing prop cash again.

7. Brilliant Customer Support

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to purchase any item and never being able to get ahold of customer support when you have a question. Or even worse, getting ahold of them and they are rude or not very helpful. 

Thankfully, PropMoney LLC has plenty of friendly customer support staff on hand to help out with your every need when you need them. E-mail them or call them during their business hours, and you will get the service you deserve.

8. Options

Depending on the film you are creating, you are going to want a company that provides many different values and denominations. You may want to pack a suitcase full of hundreds while only handing a cashier (in a movie scene, of course) a $10 bill. 

If you are making a movie about robbing a bank, you may need huge bundles of fake money stacks. Those making a rap video or even a commercial may only need a couple of bundles. 

If your film is present-day, you will want your cash with the newest designs, but if it is a movie replicating a time decades ago, an old series of cash is more ideal.

Thankfully PropMoney LLC has you covered and has a wide selection of movie cash on hand for your every filming need.

Why Movie Money Quality Matters?

If you are creating any type of movie, video, or even a still photo, you do not want the money to look as fake as it really is. High-quality prop movie money does matter. Here are a few examples of why.

  1. The Real Feel

Now we don’t mean the actual way fake money feels to the touch. Here we are talking about making your movie feel as real to your audience as possible. Your cash scenes are only as good as the quality of cash you are using.

If your fake bills are low-end and an up-close scene shows the “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” or a character that looks nothing like the infamous person it should be representing, your movie is going to look unprofessional or amateur. Even the most miniature scene can ruin the entire film’s draw because that one imperfection will be what every critic zero’s in on.

  1. Long Term Use

If you are using a low-grade prop, you will probably find yourself replacing it frequently throughout your filming session. They may start to tear easily, or the ink will fade; a lot of low-quality cheap prop money needs to be replaced often.

Finding a high-quality well made prop bill can help you save your scenes and a lot of money in the end.

  1. Integrity

The quality of the money you buy shows the integrity of the company and helps to share that integrity of the movie. 

If you are given a low-quality product that shows the company isn’t worth your time. With all of the cheap prop money amazon sellers out there, you shouldn’t spend good money on a less-than-perfect product. 

If a film is shooting with low-quality prop movie money, that will affect the integrity of the film, making it look “low budget.” (even if it is a low-budget film, replica money should never show it)

Things to be Aware of Before Purchasing Prop Money

It is important to remember that motion picture money can be a great way to create a fantastic video. However, there are many people out there who like to use it for criminal acts. Make sure when you are purchasing prop movie money you watch out for illegal replicas. Whether you created it or not, you will get in trouble by authorities if you have illegal prop money in your possession.

  • Photo Copies of real cash are illegal.
  • Fake movie money cannot be the same exact size as real money
  • Replica money can never be used like real cash to purchase any type of goods or services
  • Be wary of 3rd party sellers
  • Only use Reputable replica money production companies.

Note: The use of motion picture use only money as legal tender in any way is illegal and you will be charged with a felony offense. The punishment for this type of crime is up to 12 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

Final thoughts

Even the smallest details can make the biggest impact when filming a movie. This is extremely important when it comes to props like movie money. Without a decent prop bill, your money scenes will not give the realist intense feeling all action films need. 

Purchasing your movie money from will not only make your movie look amazing but you are going to save money and enjoy your shopping experience. Never purchase your replica money, at least until after you have taken a look at their site first.