Americans Rank Nevada as the 4th Best State

YouGov, a market research and data company, asked people to “choose the better of two states in a series of head-to-head matchups,” including all 50 states and Washington D.C.

States are rated based on their ‘win percentage”, which is determined by how often that state won the head-to-head matchup when it was one of the two states shown. 

Hawaii took the top spot by winning 69% of its matchups. With its scenic mountains, hiking paths, and recreational marijuana industry, Colorado took second place with 65% of matches won. 

The third-ranking state was Virginia (64%), a destination for American history and ocean coastlines. Nevada, the home of Las Vegas, landed in the fourth-favorite spot (61%), with North Carolina only marginally behind it (61%). 

Following the top five, Florida snagged the sixth spot with a 61% win-rate. Another retirement destination, Arizona, won 60% of its matchups to take seventh. New York — the destination for Broadway, quality food, and the city’s culture — landed in eighth place (59%).

Two other destinations for warm weather and ocean coastlines landed in ninth and tenth place, respectively: Georgia (58%) and Texas (58%). 

Americans favor their home state or current residence.

Prior to the survey, YouGov asked respondents, “Regardless of where you live now, which state do you consider yourself to be from?” and also “Regardless of where you are from, which state do you live in now?” Americans chose their home state 77% of the time it was shown, virtually the same as how often they selected their current state of residence (79%). 

About one-third of Americans report currently living in a state other than their home state. These people selected their home state 70% of the time, with people living in their home state say it is better in 81% of matchups. 

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