The Best Things to Do in Vegas (Off the Strip)

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Skyscraping casinos, luxurious spas, fancy hotels, and world-renowned nightclubs are the popular allures that bring tourists from all over the world to the exciting city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The fame surrounding this city isn’t just hyped revenue pushing advertisement, and the title of being the “Entertainment Capital of the World” isn’t misplaced. However, the strip isn’t the only reason to visit this fantastic city.

Most come to Las Vegas seeking high-roller experiences, but the city has so much more to offer than casinos and clubs. Though if you ask the locals, we may just be bitter about why car insurance is so expensive in Las Vegas, but taking our advice on why and how to get off the strip is guaranteed to be a fun and unique experience you wouldn’t find in a brochure.

Off-Strip City Attractions

For fun things to do that are likely not far from where you’ve chosen to stay, look to the surrounding streets of Las Vegas Boulevard. Local businesses with non-gambling or clubbing attractions are encircled around the strip in design to give tourists an accessible way to have more experience. 

Fremont Street Experience Seeks New Hires for Select Positions

Fremont Street

If you’ve done any research on what to do in Las Vegas, this probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen or heard of Fremont Street. As a young adult, this was one of my favorite hangouts because drinks are less expensive, bars and restaurants are closer together, and the Instagrammable photo ops are endless.

Fremont Street and the surrounding area often hosts open mics that feature local musicians, comedians, singers, and poets. If that sounds up your alley, I highly suggest finding an open mic during your visit because there are multiple Las Vegas slam poetry teams nationally known to provide a unique art experience. 

First Friday in Las Vegas is a local city attraction that brings out everyone looking to let off some steam to kick off a new month with some fun, and no place in the city celebrates it better than Fremont Street. If your vacation dates have flexibility, plan your trip to be there for First Friday, and you will see the genuine vibrancy and love the locals have for their city.

Two of my personal favorite attractions on Fremont Street are Container Park and the bar in the Gold Spike casino. Container Park is a boutique shopping center that, in addition to divergent shops, has a giant slide that is irresistible not to go down.

The Neon Museum

Who could ever have enough of pretty flashing lights? The Neon Museum is a staple Las Vegas attraction great for all ages. If you like museums, this is truly one like no other because the buried lights of Las Vegas hold the complex histories of the development of the city we know today. The Neon Museum operates between 3 – 11 p.m. daily, and tickets for non-locals run at $20. 

Mob Museum in Downtown Vegas

Mob Museum

Speaking of museums, you can’t picture all of the Sin City fun without thinking just a little about the seductive, not-so-legal scandals and organizations. With an inside look at famous criminals, world crime history, and organized crime insiders, the Mob Museum is the museum attraction even for those who claim to hate museums. Fun for all ages, this is an excellent self-guided attraction to have on any Las Vegas trip schedule. 

Speed Vegas

Live out your NASCAR fantasies at Speed Vegas. Before the Raiders departed from Los Angeles to their new home in Nevada, Speed Vegas was the only top-tier sports attraction. In true Las Vegas luxury fashion, you can drive anything from Lamborghinis and Ferraris to NASCAR sports models to live out your wildest speed racer dreams without fear of getting a ticket. 

Racing around this track at high speed is a rare experience that will make any vacation one for the books. And being able to drive these cars during your vacation means you don’t have to worry about who has the cheapest auto insurance for hybrid cars in Las Vegas.

Enjoying the Outdoors while on Vacation

The charm of Las Vegas flows through the strip and beyond to the desert outdoors. Nature-lovers shouldn’t rule out Las Vegas as a bucket list getaway because past the strip are loads of soul-fulfilling outdoor activities. 

El Dorado Dry Lake Bed

Being lost in the desert has never been so much fun. I always suggest this to anyone saying they are visiting Las Vegas because the adventures of Dry Lake Bed seem to be an unknown Vegas treasure.  

It’s less than an hour away from Las Vegas Boulevard, and tourists can do anything from having an astonishing photo shoot and enjoying a hotel or expense-free camping night to going on an active day of ATVing. If you’re unsure of what exactly to do at this dried-up lake, take a look at local event postings because often, locals will host events you won’t see advertised to tourists.

Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon

These attractions are American staples that everyone should see at least once. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and use this outdoor attraction to learn, recenter, and recharge. For only $10 per person, you and your friends or family can fit in some physical activity and mental flex into your trip. 

Both the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon have managed to stay open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, they have enacted safety protocols and limitations in efforts to keep visitors safe, so I suggest looking up the adjusted times and safety regulations before your trip.

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon

After eating at the various celebrity-owned restaurants and world-famous buffets, burn off some calories with a beautiful hike. Red Rock was one of my favorite places to go to burn off some calories, or enjoy some physical activity. You also get a gorgeous view of the city. The cool thing about Las Vegas is that the entire town is built within the parameters of surrounding mountains that amplify the spectacular lights and architecture of the city.

Red Rock Canyon is only 25 miles away from the strip and has more than just hiking options. There are scooter tours where you can see the Meander Lost Creek waterfall, rock climb, or simply take a scenic drive through the park.

Book that Flight

So what are you waiting for? Las Vegas, Nevada, has something for everyone and designed to exceed any ultimate vacation goals and expectations. 

Las Vegas may be known for its Sin City niche, but once you’re there and experience all of what this artistically vibrant city has to offer, you’ll see why it’s so close to the City of Angels. 

Guest Post By Danielle Beck-Hunter

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