Carvana Debuts Newest Car Vending Machine in Las Vegas

When you look at the Las Vegas skyline, you can see the silhouettes of many iconic buildings over the horizon — a pyramid and its luminescent light beam, a shimmering Eiffel Tower, an observation wheel, a mystical castle…and a car vending machine. 

If you’ve driven past the Strip on Interstate 15 over the last year, you have probably noticed the construction of the glass-encased 11-story contraption. 

Now, it’s finally open. 

Online used car retailer Carvana is debuting their “world’s first slot machine for cars” today. The car vending machine — located west of the I-15 between Twain and Spring Mountain — holds up-to 39 vehicles. Once a car is purchased, it is brought down in a special elevator and revealed through a sliding door.  

“We are ready to raise the stakes in Vegas with our iconic Car Vending Machine, giving customers a slot machine like they’ve never seen before,” said Carvana founder and CEO Ernie Garcia in a press release.

Starting today, Las Vegans can shop, finance, sell, or trade vehicles through Carvana’s online marketplace. Once a purchase is made, they schedule an appointment to pick their new vehicle up at the car vending machine or opt-in for touchless home delivery. 

Carvana currently has 28 car vending machines nationwide, but the Las Vegas location has a unique concept. Customers will INSERT an oversized commemorative token into a slot machine and pull a lever to retrieve their vehicle. The process takes less than 15 minutes.

All vehicles in the vending machine are purchased ahead of time online. Test driving is not available, but Carvana offers free returns for up to seven days. 

The company was founded in 2012 to “cut out the middleman” and offer a convenient experience for potential car buyers. In 2018, the company was reported to be the “fastest-growing car dealer in the United States.” In 2019, they posted annual revenue of nearly $4 billion. 

The newest Carvana vending machine is located at 3720 Morgan Cashmans Way behind the Treasure Island and Mirage casinos. Pickup’s are available between 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.