Welcome Sign Goes Red to Support National Heart Month

County Commissioners and representatives from The Children’s Heart Foundation turned the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign red in support of National Heart Month yesterday.

“For the past 20 years, the Children’s Heart Foundation has improved the lives of children with heart conditions and their families through a wide variety of efforts and programs,” Commissioner James B. Gibson said.

“By turning our national landmark red for heart month we will raise awareness of the importance of living a heart-healthy lifestyle, and show our support for the families fighting for the health of their loved ones,” Commissioner Justin Jones said.

The Children’s Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2001 and focused on improving the lives of children with heart conditions and their families.

To achieve this the foundation supports families as they deal with the emotional and financial toll exacted by a child’s heart condition, provides a medically-supervised camp experience for children with heart conditions, educates healthcare professionals and the general public on pediatric cardiology issues, and supports research in the area of pediatric cardiology.

For more information about the Children’s Heart Foundation visit www.chfn.org or www.facebook.com/ChildrensHeartFoundation.