The Biggest Weddings to Ever Happen in Vegas

The Biggest Weddings to Ever Happen in Vegas
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Dissecting all the nuptials that took place in Las Vegas over the course of the years can definitely be a bit distracting. Surprisingly, Las Vegas isn’t a venue where you throw big weddings and even those celebrity “yes, I do’s” have turned out to be a somewhat modest affair despite flaunting some of the best engagement rings around.

Yet, the saucy details about some of these weddings and the surprisingly high rate of the blessed days ending in divorces are quite surprising, and perhaps a warning that Las Vegas, despite its tempting status, is hardly the place to get married. 

It didn’t work out for Rachael and Ross, so why would it for Elvis and Priscilla? Here’s the list of the somewhat biggest weddings to have ever been held under the basking Nevadan sun. 

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

  • Did they divorce? Yes

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ nuptials are worthy of a mention here, as the pair has been looking to marry for a while before tying the knot in Las Vegas. The couple planned to go to France in the summer of 2019 and get married there, but they have opted to first legalize their marriage in Las Vegas, it seems.

The wedding in Paris did cost a bit more, although the finances are not entirely known. What’s known is that the couple spent $200,000 per night for lodgings, and if that is true, that is quite the sum. 

And do you know what the strangest part is? The wedding in France was actually a bit about keeping up appearances because Joe Jonas had called the thing off 24 hours prior to the actual thing. Well, there is that. 

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

  • Did they divorce? Yes

Rick Salomon and Pamela Anderson’s love burned bright, and it burned quick, so much that only two months after the pair had said their “yes, I do’s,” they were already looking at a divorce. Salomon had just won a $2.8 million from playing poker, and Anderson filed for divorce, benefiting from a prenup that saw a half of the winnings go to her.

She was awarded $1 million at their divorce hearing. As to the actual wedding, it took place at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The ceremony was described as beautiful, but once again a rather cagey affair, with not many details transpiring.

Perhaps none of the participants believed in their chances at love, but they went through with it all the same. Salomon has always been a betting man. Whether he is betting on love, though is not quite sure, because most of his relationships have ended up in a bit of an embarrassing debacle, and most infamously Paris Hilton’s sex tape he allegedly helps distribute.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley

  • Did they divorce? Yes

Las Vegas has been a top venue for weddings for over a century now, and nothing has been able to change that. Therefore, it’s hardly a surprise that Elvis Presley chose Las Vegas as the place to tie the knot to Priscilla. The pair married on May 1, 1967, at the Aladdin Hotel and ended up divorcing on October 9, 1973. 

The wedding wasn’t the biggest Las Vegas has hosted or seen, but it was nevertheless a glamorous affair hosting a $10,000 breakfast reception, with only a few people to attend. The pair then jumped on a private jet and went to Palms Spring for their honeymoon.

The wedding only lasted eight minutes, and cost $11,000, which is equal to $85,918 in today’s money. Not the most lavish wedding, but definitely not a negligible sum either combined with Priscilla’s 3.5-carat diamond engagement luxury ring

Lily Allen and David Harbour

  • Did they divorce? No

With Stranger Things one of the best shows to air on Netflix, David Harbour have found his shot at love with singer Lily Allen. The wedding was a true Las Vegas affair, not big, neither unnecessarily glamorous, but a lot of fun altogether.

Their marriage may seem like a low-key little affair, and perhaps it is, but it’s one of those nuptials to have been blessed in Las Vegas and lasted to tell the tale! No shocking controversy here, no cancellations and false pretences.

Allen and Harbour are still together, and they are very happy by the look of their latest photos shared on Instagram. 

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

  • Did they divorce? Yes

These two have had some experience with relationships turning sour. Yet, despite their wedding fizzling out in the end, Jolie and Thornton seem to be on friendly terms regardless. As to the actual financials of the wedding, most of this remains a bit uncertain, but the event wasn’t marked by some controversy.

For example, according to one article published by Yahoo, Laura Dern, Bob Thornton’s then-girlfriend had no idea that the wedding had taken place. 

If details about the actual event are actually quite scarce, this just goes to show the status of Las Vegas as a place where weddings do take place, but they are not necessarily too rowdy, often because the participants may be in a relationship already! 

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

  • Did they divorce? Yes

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore relationship started in front of Moore’s fiancé at the time, Emilio Estevez, and the couple was married not too long after they met. The wedding took place at the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas the same year they met, 1987.

Was the wedding one of the biggest? It definitely looked as much. While other couples have used Las Vegas to elope or hide their relationship, Moore and Willis didn’t have any of this. They had a proper wedding, with around 30 people attending.

Once again, this is a wedding that ended up on the rocks, but only briefly so. The couple separated after 12 years of living together, and they have been supportive of each other’s’ endeavors. 

Now, to people who are traditionalists, the fickleness of celebrity couples doesn’t make much sense, but it’s a good story if it ends with everyone being happy.