How the MBA Opens Doors Foundation and EPM Provide Housing Security to Those Who Need It Most

How the MBA Opens Doors Foundation and EPM Provide Housing Security to Those Who Need It Most

Equity Prime Mortgage (EPM) is proud to announce that it has donated over $150,000 to the Mortgage Bankers’ Association’s Opens Doors Foundation. The Opens Doors Foundation provides mortgage and rental assistance to critically ill or injured children and their families.

These services give parents and guardians the chance to support their children during treatment without worrying about keeping a roof over their heads. During this pandemic, when financial support for families battling medical troubles is needed the most, EPM is grateful to lend extra support to Opens Doors.

The Opens Doors Foundation and the Choose Kindness Campaign’s Partnership

Over the past eight years, the Mortgage Bankers’ Association’s Opens Doors Foundation has provided critical support across 49 states and the District of Columbia. That support accumulates to over $8.6 million in housing assistance. In total, the organization has helped more than 6,000 families with ill or injured children get housing security. 

EPM made its contribution to the Opens Doors Foundation through its Choose Kindness campaign. Through the Choose Kindness campaign, Equity Prime Mortgage donates a minimum of $10,000 per month (based on the number of loans closed) to the Opens Doors Foundation. When EPM launched the Choose Kindness campaign in August, the company established its goal of donating $120,000 in a single year. EPM anticipates being able to contribute an even more significant amount. Earlier this November, Equity Prime Mortgage estimated that it would donate a total of $155,634 to the foundation by August 2021. 

Providing Housing Security During the Pandemic

As the country struggles to navigate the worst economic downturn since the Great Recession, it is no longer an option for us to take our bare necessities for granted. Families who began 2020 in a personal crisis continue to suffer from looming uncertainty. By reaching families who were already in a vulnerable state before the COVID-19 outbreak, the Mortgage Bankers’ Association’s Opens Doors Foundation serves a crucial function. Thankfully, EPM’s Choose Kindness campaign can provide an additional boost to the foundation when it’s most needed.

Unfortunately, MBA Opens Doors Foundation President Deborah Dubois points out that “the pandemic has disproportionately affected [the] Opens Doors families.” In a press release, Dubois explains that many of the foundation’s grantees “have lost income, some have been unable to visit their children in the hospital for long stretches of time, and still, others are unable to get the care they need.” It is clear from Dubois’s statement how important it is for vulnerable families to have a safety net to navigate COVID-19.

The Opens Doors Foundation goes the extra mile for families via the Home Grant Program. Through the Home Grant Program, the Opens Doors Foundation provides relief to families who undergo personal crises. The program administers grants of up to $2,500 per month to families who need help making their monthly mortgage payments or paying rent. These grants have helped fill the income gap of families who need to take unpaid leave to be with their children during their treatments.

The $150,000 contribution includes a personal donation of $26,300 from EPM and its chief executive officer, Eddy Perez. When asked about the significance of the partnership with Opens Doors, Perez affirms that “giving back to… communities and helping to empower people to live life to the fullest is not an action but a mindset.” Perez is incredibly proud of his organization’s positive impact during unprecedented times. He is personally “determined to make a positive difference for families with critically ill or injured children always – but especially now, as the worst public health crisis in a generation takes a hard toll on struggling families.”

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