Top 5 Movies About Las Vegas

Many people call Las Vegas the gambling capital. It is a city of endless entertainment and night lights. And lots of movies prove that. Would you like to dive into the atmosphere of this city? Then these films are great for you.

The Winner, 1996

One day depressed Phillip walked into the casino and won. It happened on a Sunday, and from then on he played and invariably won only on Sundays. He never bet more than a thousand, and he spent the money and gave it away. The guy decided to take advantage of the prostitute Louise. This girl owes 50 thousand dollars, and she wants to pay off the tough guys but also to get rich with Phillip.

Casino, 1995

No one can match Sam Rothstein. Nobody knows how to make money like him. No one knows how to work as selflessly and accurately as hard-working Sam. For his undeniable virtues, Rothstein was nicknamed Ace. And that is why the mafia bosses decided to send him to run a huge luxury casino in Las Vegas.

And to keep Sam out of the way, the mobsters sent Rothstein’s childhood friend, Nicky Santoro, a hardened bandit and ruthless thug to follow Ace.

You should watch this movie not only for the plot but also for the view. It was filmed in Riviera, one of the most spectacular casinos of that time. 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998

Two buddies go to Las Vegas. One of them is Raoul Duke, he’s a sportscaster and he goes to this city to cover the famous Mint 400. The other is Dr. Gonzo. Also, this man is a lawyer, but who cares? Something unimaginable is going on in this city. So, only drugs can save these guys. 

The Cooler, 2003

Bernie has always been unlucky. Even a casino in Las Vegas hired him to work as a “cooler,” spreading his aura to the luckiest customers. And since Bernie owes the casino a huge amount of money, he is firmly chained to it. And this sum is much bigger than he can deposit in TonyBet casino. Fortunately, an acquaintance with Natalie spares him from bad luck. Having almost paid his debt, Bernie is about to leave Las Vegas with his beloved girlfriend. But the casino manager Shelley and his mafia masters aren’t going to separate with such a valuable employee.

Bugsy, 1991

Bugsy is the famous crime saga by Barry Levinson. The movie was nominated for the Oscars in 10 categories and won two gold statuettes. You will see there many Hollywood stars Harvey Keitel, Ben Kingsley, and Warren Beatty, who played his best role in this film.

Ben Siegal, nicknamed “Bugsy”,  is the famous gangster. This man terrorizes the most egregious thugs. Unlike other criminals, he didn’t seek big money and absolute power. Bugsy dreamed of building an unprecedented city of the future.

The professional destroyer decided to realize his perfect world in the middle of the lifeless desert in Nevada. Later this place became known worldwide as Las Vegas. But, creating a gambling paradise, Bugsy risked more than ever. Even his own life was at stake.

After all, these movies will surely satisfy everyone who loves Las Vegas. Although most of them aren’t the best choice to watch with a family, they’ll be great if you want to spend the evening alone or with your friends.