Cannabis: Rolling Papers vs. Pre-Rolled Cones for Smoking Weed

Cannabis: Rolling Papers vs. Pre-Rolled Cones for Smoking Weed
King Palm Leaf Cones

Rolling papers and pre-rolled cones are almost identical products, yet they cater to different audiences and situations. In general, pre-rolls are best for new rollers to learn the ropes, as well as being an optimal on-the-go rolling solution. Traditional rolling papers allow you to truly handcraft a joint from beginning to end. While it takes some education and practice, most people are able to pick it up relatively quickly. Hand-rolled joints are both smoking tools and works of art. 

We know how confusing smoking gear can seem, so we put together this handy guide to help readers explore the world of rolling papers and pre-rolled cones. 

Pre-Rolled Cones or Rolling Papers: Which is Better? 

Rolling papers and pre-rolled cones each have their place in the world. As with any business or endeavor, there are three things that most people consider: cost, quality, and speed. This is often referred to as the Unattainable Triangle, as it is nearly impossible to achieve all three points at the same time. This idea can be applied to many situations, including the rolling paper dilemma we are currently discussing.

Rolling a joint from a booklet of rolling papers results in a low-cost, high-quality joint (after you’ve learned how to roll, of course). The personal character that you impart on a joint cannot be replicated by a pre-roll, but it will take some time to properly craft. If you opt for pre-rolled cones, you can have well-rolled joints prepared in no time. However, this will come with higher costs and a roll that lacks an artisan quality.

Basically, if you know how to roll up good joints on your own, it pays to go with rolling papers. You will get higher quality rolls at a much lower price. If you just can’t seem to learn how to roll (or if you need a place to start), then go with some pre-rolled cones. Either way, if you are out and about without your rolling gear, picking up a few cones at the smoke shop will always make for quick and clean joints. 

Now that you have an idea of when you might use pre-rolled cones or rolling papers, let’s take a look at some of the top options for each category. These are tried and true products that should all be available at a smoke shop near you.

Top Pre-Rolled Cones

The best pre-rolled cones are easy to use and functional for on-the-go rolling. Included packing sticks are nearly a necessity, as well as a reliable, even burn. These days, all-natural materials are also in the spotlight. 

King Palm Leaf Cones

King Palm has been making waves in the industry with their tobacco-free alternative to the blunt wrap. Their pre-rolled cones are crafted from Cordia palm leaves without the use of glue or dyes. When packed tight with herb, the roll smokes slow and heavy like a blunt. They have a variety of sizes ranging from Mini to XXL, the latter of which can hold up to 5 grams of cannabis! The included bamboo packing stick ensures you have everything you need.

These cigar-like rolls are even available with terpene-infused filter tips that put flavored blunt wraps to shame. The King Palm flavors are found in a squeeze-and-pop ball that releases fruit-derived terpenes on-demand. Just give the filter tip a squeeze and your smoke will be infused with flavors that include Banana Cream, Berry Terps, and Magic Mint. The terpenes come through in a pronounced manner that sits well with the natural flavors of cannabis, as opposed to being clouded in a haze of tobacco like traditional blunt wraps. 

Raw Classic Cones

Raw’s Classic 1 ¼ Cones are the standard size cones crafted from Raw’s famous hemp rolling papers. The smoking experience is predictable and familiar and the cones are available at any smoke shop. This lends to their predictable and familiar smoking experience. They always roll up and smoke with ease, usually providing an even burn if they were loaded correctly. Otherwise, they can be a bit lackluster, especially when smoking in bigger groups. They do have a tendency to run, but the quality materials and relative consistency keep smokers coming back. If you haven’t experienced Raw’s signature papers before, they are definitely worth a try before moving on to more exciting options.  

Cyclones Clear Cones

Cyclones Clear Cones utilize an alternative material, cellulose. This gives them complete transparency, allowing you to clearly show off your best buds. The cones smoke slower than regular rolling papers, but not quite as slow and heavy as a blunt wrap or King Palm. The pre-rolls are available in a few flavors, including Blueberry, Ice Dream, and Strawberry. This is one of Cyclones’ signature products that you can find donning the shelves of most smoke shops. 

Top Rolling Papers

Rolling papers have a number of qualities to consider, including ash level, materials used, and burn rate. The best papers perfect as many of these qualities as possible, using high-quality materials to craft a slow-burning, low-ashing joint.


Zig-zag papers are one of the most popular in the world, available worldwide, and familiar to most smokers. The brand has been going strong for over a century. The interlocking and automatically dispensing rolling paper booklets that are common in the rolling paper industry were originally patented by the Braunstein Brothers around 1894. Their classic papers are made from natural flax plant fibers and can be recognized worldwide by their iconic orange or white booklets. Lately, they have been following popular trends, releasing products like Organic Hemp and Ultra-Thin Papers that keep the brand fresh and moving forward.

Pure Hemp

Pure Hemp papers put their emphasis on eco-friendly and tree-free production practices. They strive to be recognized as an alternative to wood pulp papers that may have a negative impact on the environment. The gumline is provided by the African Acacia tree using a sustainable harvesting system. They use no chemical additives or dyes to produce the papers. They have been in the business for over 25 years and have strong connections to the world of hemp. Pure Hemp actively promotes the growth and use of hemp by sharing knowledge, holding presentations, and working in commercial hemp breeding. 


Elements is the most popular rice rolling paper brand. Their rolling papers use exactly two ingredients: rice for the paper and sugar for the gum strip. The only ash comes from the caramelized sugar as the gum strip burns. These are some of the thinnest papers on the market, providing a relatively clear view of the contents of the joint. The smoke is smooth, clear, and consistent.