Cannabis: How to Get the Most Out of Concentrates

Cannabis: How to Get the Most Out of Concentrates
Photo by Jermaine Ulinwa from Pexels

Consuming cannabis has gone a long way from the traditional technique of making a joint, smoking it using a pipe, bongs, and vaporizers. The variation of methods used may differ the result for each individual’s level of satisfaction. The question is, how will you be able to get the most out of your concentrates? What are the things that you can do? 

In this article, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to have a blast in dabbing.


Cannabis is an indigenous substance where it can be seen in most countries in Central Asia, Europe, and eventually, carry through some parts of the United States. Smoking cannabis started way back in 3000 BC, with the old way of consuming it by burning its weeds using pipes to enjoy it. As time passes, they have developed a way to level up the experience by extracting it. The extraction of cannabis had became popularized as it was meticulously handpicked and make into concentrates. There are several types of concentrates, and here are the main ones:

  • Shatter- It is known for its fragile, glass-like texture and has a golden yellow to light amber color. 
  • Budder and Badder –  This type have a softer texture and more buttery looking concentrate. It is popular for most cannabis users as it can easily spread when dabbing.
  • Crumble – with the name given, it looks like more of a crumb and has a dull-brittle texture.

It can be categorized into two types: Solvent-based and Solventless. Listed down below are the most commonly used Solvent-based concentrates:

  • BHO ( Butane Hash Oil )
  • CO2 ( Hydrocarbon )
  • Alcohol
  • DME ( Dimethyl-Ether )

Solventless concentrates:

  • Dry Sift Hash
  • Ice Water
  • Rosin

Using these chemicals, the process of extracting cannabis will lead to different consistencies, textures, and properties to offer variety in flavor.

Essential Tools

Options available in the market are borosilicate, quartz, ceramic, and titanium. In addition to having a dab straw, you can also have a silicone dish with which to hold the concentrate. A glass, quartz, or silicone dish is available to choose from, and a torch from the dish to heat the concentrate. Tools will help to get the awesome experience out of your concentrate. Experts agree that getting a nectar collector is a great help to get all the remaining and never have a single one left out of your silicone dish. This simple tool can get you the right amount of satisfaction in any smoke you get. What’s best about it is its portability. Instead of taking a big bong to a gathering, you can carry it on every occasion.

Things You Need to Do

To enable yourself to indulge in the finest concentration you have, you need to prepare the tools necessary. You can do this anywhere in the comfort of your own house or a friend’s place. The first step is to put the concentrate in a glass dish and heat the tip of your nectar collector with a butane torch until it turns red. To get the heat distributed evenly, heat the glass slowly and switch it continuously. The farthest it reaches the torch’s blue light, the cooler it gets, while the glass will heat up faster if you position it near the blue light. 

You will find that when a certain temperature of 428°F is reached, the heat from the glass will vaporize the oil. Be conscious that temperatures above 428 ° F are unnecessary, so less is more. You should have your infrared thermometer ready to get a concise measurement of the heat. Make enough time to cool the nectar collector at a temperature you want and touch the tip to your concentrate and lightly put and inhale it gently. A bonus tip! After you use it, you can get water and salt to clean it thoroughly. Place it in a microwave for about 5-10 minutes and give it a good shake.

Benefits You Can Get

It is a known fact that cannabis has a lot of benefits to give. One of the major benefits of using this is the instant cure of epilepsy, as it has the characteristic of relaxing the muscles. Also, the best remedy for chronic pain and inflammation as it can reduce pain from strenuous activities, inevitable signs of aging that cause arthritis too. Recent research indicates that it also has antioxidants that protect and help the body rebuild damaged cells, which is why it is also used to prevent cancer cells from spreading to cancer patients.

Whether you want to do it solo or enjoy it with friends, you can never go wrong with the tips mentioned above to get out of your concentrate. All you need to do is the right tools, the right concentrate, and the right people.