Cocktail Syrups to Add Spice to Your Quarantine Home Date Night

Cocktail Syrups to Add Spice to Your Quarantine Home Date Night

The pandemic has changed our life drastically. It has not only impacted our daily activities but has also restricted our options of recreation. Heading to a beautiful resort or a fancy restaurant for date night seems like a far-fetched dream in the current times. Even though most such places are back to business after a hiatus due to the lockdown imposed to curb the spread of the contagious coronavirus however one cannot enjoy to the fullest at such places due to the constant fear of catching infection.

So, why not make the most of what we have to create a beautiful quarantine home date night? Taking care of little details can make it a date to remember. Let us help you create the magic with minimal effort. 

Choose a Menu to Treat Her Taste Buds

The dinner and drinks served on a date play an important role in setting the mood right. You must thus be very particular about the food and beverages you have on menu for your special night. It is best to prepare the cuisines your partner relishes the most. And of course, have few of those that you like. After all, you want to stay in good spirits too!

Surprise Her with Delightful Cocktails

Now, while your date may be expecting the usual vodka or wine, it is a good idea to prepare a delightful cocktail to surprise her and uplift her mood. What? You think it is going to be too much of a task? Of course, it will be if you go about preparing these drinks the usual way. But we have the perfect solution for you – a bottle of cocktail syrup by proof. These syrups have exclusively been made to help you prepare your favorite cocktail with bare minimum effort. Available in different flavors, they come loaded with sugar, citrus oils and other essential ingredients. You just need to add the syrup to your favorite alcoholic beverage to prepare the cocktail of your choice. You can garnish the drink to make it more presentable. Isn’t it great? This can indeed be a great addition to spice up your home date night.

These syrups are available in different flavors including black walnut, pumpkin spice and maple bacon to help you prepare different kinds of cocktails. You may choose few different flavors to add to the variety. You can even offer a refreshing a twist to a good old cocktail recipe by adding portions of two different syrups. 

Create the Right Kind of Ambience

Do not forget to create an ambience that vibes with the special night. Decorate your room with some fresh fragrant flowers and fairy lights. Also, place some scented oil diffusers to enhance the décor and bring in some positivity.

We hope these small yet effective ideas help bring the two of you closer. Do let us know how many of these you could actually incorporate and how impressed was your date with such attention to detail. Also, do share your experience of preparing cocktails using the aforementioned syrups.