Las Vegas Arts District New Apartment Complex ShareDOWNTOWN Wins Award for Best Residential Multifamily Project

Las Vegas Arts District New Apartment Complex ShareDOWNTOWN Wins Award for Best Residential Multifamily Project

shareDOWNTOWN, a new apartment complex that pairs a vibrant, stylish urban lifestyle with relaxing, personal spaces in the burgeoning Arts District of downtown Las Vegas has won the 2020 Excellence In Construction Award from the Associated Builders and Contractors Nevada (ABC) for Nevada’s Best Residential Multifamily project under $100 million.

“We are honored that ABC recognized shareDOWNTOWN with this prestigious award,” said Sam Cherry, president of Cherry Development, the developer of shareDOWNTOWN. “We took great pride in creating a stylish residence in the heart of the Arts District that meets the needs of its residents through modern design elements and unique amenities. We also appreciate our great partnership with Breslin Builders, the general contractor for this project. With Breslin and our skilled subcontractors, we built an apartment building that stands as a model for future development downtown.”

ABC Nevada’s Excellence in Construction Awards recognizes outstanding construction projects that exceed expectations in innovation and quality. The awards also honor the skill and creativity of the project’s entire team (contractor, owner, architect and engineer and employees) for their achievements in leadership, safety, innovation, and diversity.

The award nomination for shareDOWNTOWN noted the project’s unique innovations and value engineering, specifically working towards a cost-effective apartment project in the downtown area with the goal to provide additional and new for rent apartments in an area needing new alternatives. 

To achieve cost and construction efficiency, the project team created each apartment with the same layout and utilized modular materials and compact “smart” appliances that maximized limited spaces. The project also included a building-wide energy system to monitor and regulate nearly 70 thermostats, including one in each apartment, allowing for high and low set points and enhanced control over energy costs to operate the building, especially important as utility costs are incorporated into rent prices. Outdoor space, which is often limited in a downtown setting, was achieved by constructing the building around a centerpiece open air courtyard.

At the corner of Casino Center Boulevard and Colorado Avenue, shareDOWNTOWN epitomizes a modern live/work/play lifestyle given its stylish design, unique amenities, and dynamic downtown location. For more details about shareDOWNTOWN and to apply online for a lease, visit