Secret Las Vegas: Insider Tips

Secret Las Vegas: Insider Tips
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Las Vegas knows one thing for sure—how to keep a secret, after all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. However, don’t think everything in this fabulous city is a secret. Many things that seem exclusive are affordable and accessible to everyone, but they are just not well-known. There are many spots right on the Las Vegas strip that are often overlooked by tourists.

So if you want to get the whole experience and even impress your friends with your Sin City knowledge, here are a few insider tips to follow. 

Show a $20 and ask for an upgrade

Many regular Vegas visitors know that you can get an upgrade if you slip the front desk attendant a $20, you might end up with an upgrade. Make sure to be polite and discreet, but otherwise, you have nothing to lose. This trick is more likely to work on weekdays when there are more vacancies. 

Get to know the taxi rules

Vegas first-timers are often surprised when they can’t get a cab, but you’re not the problem. Taxis can’t stop just anywhere on The Strip, so if you want to catch a cab, find a marked taxi pickup spot or find a major resort and you will not be ignored. 

Practice games before you hit the casinos

Even though this tip sounds pretty obvious, a lot of people come to gamble without knowing any of the rules. If you want to leave a good impression at the casino and have the biggest amount of fun, learn to play the games beforehand. Learning how to play craps, roulette, blackjack, poker or even bingo can make things a lot more interesting for you. Today, you can find various online casino sites where you can practice your games. If you check out Casino Bros, you will even find great bonuses and deals from different online casinos, so you can get more bang for your buck. You can also play for free or try practicing with real money so you learn how to best manage your budget before Las Vegas lights blur your mind. 

Try a cocktail at Level 1.5 at Chandelier Bar

Cocktails are extremely popular in Vegas, and everyone knows about the Cosmopolitan and their Verbena cocktails. But, what not many people know is that you can hit the Level 1.5 bar and find a private little bar perfect for relaxation. All their cocktails are a treat for all the senses that come in just one simple glass—marvelous! 

Party at Peppermill

The Peppermill is not exactly a secret spot, but it’s often overlooked by the regular visitors. This spot with a long history will surprise you with its warmth and coziness. Once you walk into the lounge and grab a seat by the open fire, you will simply forget about time and all your worries and woes (and that money you’ve lost at the casino a few moments ago). 

Bring a jacket

Since Las Vegas is located in the desert, it naturally has hot temperatures during the day. However, locals know that you might need a jacket once the sun sets. Deserts get chilly at night, but casinos also fire up their cooling and you might freeze. Comfy shoes for walking and plenty of sunscreen are also a must. 

Try at least one crazy thing

If you want to do something crazy, Vegas is the right place to let your freak flag fly. If gambling, nightclubs and instant weddings are not your speed, you can also go with one of these odd things like shooting Uzis, eating while suspended off a crane or dig out some other activity that will make your vacation memorable. 

You’re guaranteed to have a blast in Vegas, especially now that you have a few aces up your sleeve. Just make sure not get caught with those aces at the poker table!