It’s Time to Make Las Vegas More Accessible to Pedestrians

It’s Time to Make Las Vegas More Accessible to Pedestrians
Image by Tip Kilby from Pixabay

Visiting Las Vegas is always a fun affair, but the city is on a mission to make things even safer for the millions of tourists that come to party here every year. Accidents involving pedestrians have become more common in recent years, so the city has reacted by beginning construction on community measures to make pedestrians safer in more accident-prone and busier walking areas. 

Pedestrian accidents don’t happen all that often, but numbers going up in recent years is always a concern for the city. It’s especially sad considering the large amounts of people who come to Vegas for a party and a good time and instead find themselves involved in an accident. Thankfully, the city has recognized this and has enacted a plan to ensure the safety of pedestrians in the most-frequented areas of the Las Vegas Strip, making these types of accidents all the more rare.

As a personal injury attorney, I’m often faced with clients who have been catastrophically injured in a car accident, and pedestrian accidents can be very serious. Any safety measure that ensures the safety of more tourists and long-time residents will make this city a better place for everyone who comes here. Preventing these types of catastrophic injury is not just a step forward for the city–it’s a step forward for society. 

A Look Into the New Safety Measures on the Strip

On September 8th, 2020, the city of Las Vegas began construction on the enhanced safety measures to protect pedestrians in the downtown area. This construction includes portions of Fremont/Main, Fremont/First, and Fremont/Fourth and is expected to continue until its completion in January of 2021. While access to these areas might become increasingly complicated as construction continues, only good things can come of these measures being put into action to protect the safety of pedestrians. 

The construction includes sidewalk improvements, enhancement of street lighting and traffic signals, and the creation of more safety bollards to prevent cars from driving onto the sidewalk and striking pedestrians. The safety bollards in particular will be helpful in preventing pedestrian accidents and the enactment of these measures marks the start of a long-term project, with more than a few phases planned.

As for the rest of the planned safety measures (this is just phase one), it seems as though they will protect pedestrians in a similar way. Hopefully once the construction is entirely finished, walkers around the city will be more comfortable due to raised walkways and the increased use of safety bollards. Being separated from road traffic will also make it possible for more people to enjoy the amazing sights that Vegas offers. 

Pedestrians in Vegas Should Feel Safe

Thankfully, with these new measures being constructed as we speak, the future does look a bit brighter for those who enjoy taking a walking tour of the city. If more is done in the future to make Las Vegas a pedestrian-friendly city, tourism cannot help but increase as well. ]

If you do find yourself in an accident, however, take note of your rights. Anyone who injures you due to their own neglect or intoxication can be held liable for medical bills, lost wages at work, and other types of court-ordered compensation, such as pain and suffering. Be sure to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you are able to ensure that your bodily rights are protected after an accident.