Virtual Reality Casino in Las Vegas And How it Works

Virtual Reality Casino in Las Vegas And How it Works
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As technology continues to advance, new inventions come up. Virtual reality is one of those inventions that has taken the world by storm. In fact, according to some statistics, in 2020, VR gaming generated around 40 billion dollars in revenue. And because the gaming industry is already using it, it’s made its way into online casinos.

Today, if you’re walking on the Vegas strip and get into The LINQ, you may not immediately realize that you’ve stepped into a casino. Instead of seeing the poker tables, your eyes will meet leather couches, VR headsets, and big screen TVs. 

Most people don’t really know how VR casinos in Vegas work because they’re relatively new. Some casinos are also yet to integrate this technology into their systems, though some like NetBet are offering many online games which you can play. 

This article gives you more information about virtual reality casinos in Las Vegas. 

What’s A Virtual Reality Casino?

Though virtual reality first hit video gamers, it didn’t take long to invent the first online virtual casino. In fact, shortly after introducing VR in late 2015, it was imported to Las Vegas by gamers before Casinos adopted it. VR casinos try to imitate land-based casino experiences to enable players who’ve never been to a land-based casino to experience its games. Also, it’s excellent for land-based casino lovers who seek to take their gambling experience to the next level without losing the real experience.

VR casinos give a 3D view as opposed to online 2D casinos. Besides that, playing virtual online casinos in Vegas will allow you to interact with the environment and culture that you get from your favorite land-based casinos, giving you an experience that’s as close to the real thing as possible. Through the headsets, you can get a similar experience as that you’d have in Caesars Palace, Red Rock Casino, and Aria Resort. 

How Virtual Reality Casinos in Las Vegas Work

A thin line exists between a virtual casino experience and virtual video gaming. Both use the same principles and need special equipment to play. Manufacturers over the years have been working on VR gaming equipment including Valve’s Stream VR, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Sony’s PlayStation VR, and HTC’s Vive. Through this equipment, you can take your gambling to a whole new level.

VR casinos have games you’d find at an online or land-based casino like Aria Resort. Such games include blackjack, online slots, and roulette. Although VR casinos don’t have so many games, they have some of the most popular games that you’ll love. 

The transformation of these games into VR is fascinating. The graphics are created using high-resolution imaging technology that’s at a higher frame rate than other online casino games. This means, as you move your head to view changes, you don’t experience any lagging. Apart from this, VR casinos also offer gamblers the opportunity to interact with other bettors and dealers, multiplayer games, and freedom to choose characters from avatars. 

To enjoy a VR casino game, you require VR goggles. You may also need a powerful laptop or computer. Without the goggles, you can’t experience a casino VR. Again, not every goggle is compatible with every game. It’s therefore vital to test them with games to help you know the compatible ones. You may get a 3D experience without using the goggles. However, having them will give you a fully immersive casino experience. There are many shops in Vegas where you can buy goggles.  

VR equipment in Vegas isn’t cheap. Therefore, you need to do market research to know the best and compatible ones before investing in them. Furthermore, you also need to consider the games you’d prefer playing with the headset. Reading online reviews may help you identify the best ones to play. If you know little about technology, read the headset specs and compare them with other models. That’ll help you understand how to use the goggles. 

Advantages Of Playing VR Casinos in Vegas

* It gives players an immersive virtual experience that’s exciting. 

* Casino VR detects players’ presence when they join a game.

* Its live chat feature enables you to speak to other gamblers and dealers. It has a variety of games you can select.

* You can live the experience of a land-based casino without visiting one.

Disadvantages Of VR Casinos in Vegas

* It’s expensive to set up. 

* It’s immersive experience may make you spend more money and time gambling. It isn’t easy to notice what’s going on around you when playing. 

* It has fewer games compared to online and land-based casinos. 

* It doesn’t allow you to socialize like land-based casinos. 

Playing VR casinos depends on whether you’re a fan of gaming. Some players don’t prefer playing it because they don’t have the initial capital to set it up. On the other hand, adventurers players would want to immerse themselves into the exciting experiences of VR casinos.

Final Thought

Virtual reality isn’t going away soon and holds with it great potential. Though it’s been in the gambling world just for a short period, it keeps on evolving to serve the needs of players. It’s projected that in the future, VR casinos in Las Vegas may INSERT online and land-based casinos.