The Best Ever Vegas Casino Scenes in a Film

The Best Ever Vegas Casino Scenes in a Film
Image by AllClear55 from Pixabay

The iconic Vegas Strip has been a part of Hollywood pop culture for a while now. Although casino movies are notorious for overhyping wins and losses, a few cult classics managed to get the equation just right. We can’t blame the filmmakers, however, as nothing keeps the audience hooked for over 90 minutes than overdramatized gambling flicks!

If you love the Vegas charm and would like to try your hands at gambling, Casino Bee has a comprehensive list of online casinos to help you get started! If you’d rather spend time reminiscing the good old days of playing at physical casinos, here are five iconic movies to keep you entertained during the lockdown.

5 Iconic Casino Movies to Watch During Lockdown

1.  Con Air – Nicholas Cage is perhaps most popular for his part in action-packed films and in Con Air he portrays a parolee on his way home on a plane accompanied by death-row criminals. After an explosion forces the pilots to attempt an emergency landing, the group ends up in Vegas. The ending scene involves a high-flying chase around Las Vegas, which is probably one of the most iconic Vegas scenes ever in a movie.

2.  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Adapted from Hunter S. Thompson’s 1971 novel, the plot includes dramatized autobiographical incidents. Starring Johnny Depp as Raoul, a journalist and his lawyer as they travel to Las Vegas to cover the mint 400 motorcycle race. As the duo gets high on a cocktail of contrabands and wreaks havoc inside the hotel room, Dr. Gonzo, the lawyer decides to drives back fearing legal repercussions, until a chance meeting with a police officer who convinces him to return to Sin City and continue on the wild binge.

3.  Casino – One of the best films on Las Vegas, Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece might not overhype the Vegas Strip, but the few and far in-between scenes make the moments special. While Sharon Stone lights up the screen with her presence. Although the film promotes far too much violence, one cannot deny the glitz and glamor of Vegas when portrayed beautifully on the giant screen.

4.  Rain Man – A pop culture phenomenon, Rain Man is among the OGs of Vegas films. The plot revolves around Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman as the duo head over to Sin City to accumulate funds and pay off a loan. The film constantly keeps the audiences hanging from the edge of their seats as Hoffman casually counts cards in the middle of a high-stakes blackjack game as the duo eye the $80,000 prize pool.

5.  Ocean’s Thirteen – One cannot simply list the most popular Hollywood films on Vegas without including the Ocean’s trilogy. This time it’s Ocean’s Thirteen starring Al Pacino, George Clooney, and Ellen Barkin apart from a whole list of A-list celebrities. The film is a treat for the die-hard casino veterans as Brian Koppelman and David Levien bring the story to life!