5 Cannabis Products You Can Make at Home

    5 Cannabis Products You Can Make at Home
    Image by TinaKru from Pixabay

    Even though the majority of U.S. states have legalized marijuana recreationally or medicinally, cannabis products are somewhat expensive. If you just want to smoke or vape, you won’t pay much for cannabis. Cannabis oil tinctures aren’t that expensive, either. However, high-end products infused in food and beverages, for example, are considered premium products and come with a high price tag. 

    If you’re tired of paying high prices for cannabis products, here are 5 products you can make at home.

    1. Cannabis gummies

    Gummy candy is one of the best forms of candy and is surprisingly easy to make. However, if you’re looking for a way to make CBD gummies without the high levels of THC, you’re better off buying CBD gummies from a reputable source. Extracting CBD is extremely challenging as a DIY project.

    To make THC-infused gummy candy, all you need to do is run to the dispensary and grab a pre-made cannabis tincture and follow any standard gummy candy recipe. Extracting CBD from hemp is far more complex.

    CBD extraction isn’t easy

    To extract CBD from hemp, you’ll need massive amounts of time and patience to complete the decarboxylation process, mix and filter your substance, and remove the alcohol used in the extraction process. You can also use CO2 for extraction, but that’s even more tedious and isn’t a good idea. 

    CO2 extraction results in a CBD isolate, which isn’t as good as it sounds. Isolated CBD is often low-quality with a weak potency. Worse, isolated CBD separates from the carrier liquid and oxidizes into a toxic substance.

    2. Cannabis cookies

    Everyone knows how to make cannabis cookies, so it’s time to experiment with new recipes. Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies are good, but it’s time to think outside the box. 

    Crush some Oreo cookies and use the mixture in a batch of sugar cookies. Make cookies with gummy bears and sweet tarts. If you can’t think of anything new, find some outrageous cookie recipes online that sound delicious and add your cannabis. You can’t go wrong with cookies.

    3. Salve

    Salve is one of the best products on the planet and cannabis salve is even better. People use cannabis salve for topical pain relief, to relieve muscular tension, soothe irritated skin, and relieve joint pain. 

    Salve is fairly easy to make at home. You don’t necessarily need to heat the cannabis you intend to use in your salve, though you certainly can if you prefer a stronger salve. Many people have known for a long time that unheated cannabis is psychoactive for some people, but it takes longer for the effects to kick in. Science is finally catching up to this knowledge.

    4. Topicals

    Just like salve, you can make cannabis topicals with a base like aloe vera, for example. Any topical skin care product you can find in your bathroom or in the store can be made with cannabis. The question is what products should you make? The answer depends on what you’re trying to achieve with the topical.

    You can make lip balm, headache relief balm, or a calming sleep balm with additional calming ingredients like lemon balm, lavender, and peppermint.

    5. Cannabis capsules

    If you prefer to take your cannabis products as a capsule, you can make your own at home. Premium capsules are often expensive. Get some empty capsules and some high-quality oil and put one serving of oil into each capsule.

    When making your own capsules, be careful not to put more than one serving into each capsule even if you normally take more. Cannabis metabolizes more slowly when ingested as opposed to absorbing the oil sublingually. Everyone’s body is going to process cannabis differently. Don’t make your capsules stronger until you’re certain you can handle the added strength.

    Last, always label your capsules so it’s clear they contain CBD, THC, or a combination of both, including the amount per capsule.

    Verify your state laws before making cannabis products

    Before making any cannabis products, check your state laws to be certain cannabis is legal to grow. Federal law still lists marijuana as a scheduled substance and in states with no legalization, you’re likely to get in more trouble for breaking the law.

    Check your state laws after the November election as well, since five more states have legalization laws on the ballot: Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, and Mississippi.