What Are the Most Popular Casino Games in Las Vegas?

What Are the Most Popular Casino Games in Las Vegas?
Image by young soo Park from Pixabay

The Vegas experience is known all over the world as being an incredible vacation and one of the best places for playing casino games. This guide to some of the most popular casino games in Las Vegas shows you the sort of thing you can expect when you step into one of those famed casinos.


Roulette has its roots as early as the 1600s. It didn’t take long to be as popular in the states and the American Roulette tables have a few different varieties. The game of roulette has a wheel with pockets, the wheel is spun and eventually a small ball lands in one of the pockets, if you bet on that pocket you win. You can also win based on the color or different groups of numbers in the games of roulette, for instance red or black numbers.

The stakes and the payouts can be different depending on how high risk the bet is. There is usually even a “00” which can give you the longest odds on the board.


There are so many different slot games, which you can play both online and often without staking online, just in a casino hall. You will probably pull a lever by playing slots online for real money in Las Vegas, just by clicking on a spin button. As well as the classic slot games, named because of the fact you “slot” a coin in.

These are the classic slot games, but there are many other types that keep getting added with progressive slots and different patterns that can win big sums of money.

21 or BlackJack

Blackjack is another game you will find in virtually every casino out there, it has its roots hundreds of years ago. Blackjack is romanticised in loads of films and modern culture, but it is a really simple game. You receive two cards, and try to beat whoever is the “banker”, you can keep getting new cards (heard of the term “hit me”?) but if you exceed 21, you are “bust” and the dealer wins the money.

This game is even known as different words around the world, but the rules remain the same. In Vegas, you will probably play at a Blackjack table, so don’t expect it to be called by other names very often.


Poker is another game that is played an incredible amount online, but has a number of variations that you can play in a casino. Instead of playing against the dealer, you probably will have a dealer overseeing a game between multiple people. You will play against a number of other casino visitors. You can either play as a tournament or drop in and out of a poker table.

Poker requires skills so it is a bit different from other games which you can rely on luck for. Don’t gamble too heavily on Poker unless you feel like you know what you are doing and have a chance of winning. Don’t forget that there might be a lot of bluffing going on.


Craps is very quick and exciting and because it can have up to 20 people playing at any one time it is great for a socially enjoyable time at the casino. Plus, players aren’t actually betting against each other so it is possible that lots of people can win at once. There’s usually a lot of buzz around a Craps game.

There are a lot of markings on the table and learning how the game works can take some time, but don’t let this put you off. Even watching Craps can be a lot of fun for those visiting the casino for the first time.


New games are getting added to the casino at all times, people are always trying to come up with new and exciting ways to gamble and win money, and each casino has its own focuses, but the old classics are always there, and when you visit these casinos you will probably want to try all of the older classics, and the full Las Vegas casino experience uses all of the above casino games to soak up the atmosphere and see which game is for you.