Top-5 Las Vegas Casinos to Play Blackjack

Top-5 Las Vegas Casinos to Play Blackjack
Image by Naomy Quiñones from Pixabay

Las Vegas is arguably home to the best casinos on the globe. But for a newcomer looking for a top casino house offering exciting blackjack games, the search can be a little tricky. You must filter through many options before landing the best blackjack casinos in the city. Note that while Las Vegas is famous for top-of-the-range casinos, you will not have the best gaming experience in some places.  

The big question is which casinos in Las Vegas rank high above the rest? Well, the popularity of a casino house is only one way of looking at it. For others, a chance to play online blackjack for real money doubles up the fun. Therefore, a casino house that owns a website stands a better chance of attracting more players.

Choosing the Best Blackjack Casino in Las Vegas

A variety of table games is an important parameter that should guide your search for top blackjack casinos in Las Vegas. From classic, European, progressive, Spanish 21, Pontoon, Super Fun 21, to Vegas Strip blackjack, the right casino house should offer excellent blackjack variants. The casino house edge, odds of the game, number of blackjack tables, and RTP also play significance in making the right choice. Here is a lowdown of top casinos in Vegas where you can play blackjack games. 

MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM is not only a household name in Las Vegas but also an iconic land-based casino in the city. The casino house was originally known as Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. MGM Grand is situated on the Las Vegas strip, an excellent location for thousands of blackjack enthusiasts who troop into the city. In the casino house, gamblers can choose from at least 15 poker tables, 1400 slots, and up to 60 table games. 

MGM Grand Las Vegas has been featured in several casino-themed Hollywood movies. Most importantly, the casino house offers gamblers a chance to play from as low as $25 on most tables. A house edge of 0.25532% makes MGM Grand a preferred gambling destination in Vegas.

ARIA Resort and Casino

Avid gamblers visiting Las Vegas for the first time should make ARIA Resort and Casino a worthwhile stopover. The alluring architectural design of ARIA is only part of the bargain. Being the only iconic casino in the city center, ARIA has gained a reputation as the Mecca for blackjack enthusiasts. It is especially ideal for mid-range and high rollers. 

Note that the ARIA casino house edge of 0.25532% is the same as that of MGM Grand casino. However, you can play for a lower amount starting at $15 on the blackjack switch. At least 24 table games are on offer at ARIA casino. 


Excalibur is a common sighting in Las Vegas. It is not just a casino house but also one of the city’s best gambling destinations, offering punters exciting blackjack games. A house edge of 0.58000% is good enough, especially if you factor in the blackjack switch you can play with a low as $10. The six-deck game starts from $15, which is ideal for the low and mid-range rollers. 

Luxor Hotel and Casino

Luxor Hotel and Casino echo the name of an Egyptian ancient city ‘Luxor’. That aside, the-30 story building hosts one of Las Vegas’ top casinos. Luxor is particularly ideal for blackjack players looking for a unique yet thrilling casino gaming experience in Las Vegas. 

There are two major versions to play at Luxor, such as eight-deck and double-deck blackjack. Double-deck is the popular variant on offer that you can play from as low as $25. High rollers visiting Luxor also have a chance to try the luck on high limit blackjack variants such as six-deck blackjack starting at $100. The house edge at Luxor casino is 0.45688%. 

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Mandalay Bay is another exclusive casino in Las Vegas loved by blackjack enthusiasts. There are several variants of blackjack to play at the casino house. However, of all the games, free bet blackjack and blackjack switch are the most popular variants. The minimum wagering amount for most games is $25. Notably, most blackjack games at Mandalay Bay have a good payout hence favor the average gambler. High rollers visiting Mandalay Bay can always try their luck on the two-deck blackjack game on offer. With a house edge of 0.25532%, Mandalay Bay gives players the same advantage as ARIA and MGM Grand. 


While visiting Las Vegas casinos is everyone’s dream, your stay would be incomplete without having the best of the city’s nightlife. Broadway concerts are a must-attend, not to mention grabbing a glass of wine at the best loungers in downtown LV. There are many other entertainment events to keep you awake through the night. You could say playing blackjack in top casinos is never enough.