Las Vegas Valley Physician Offers 5 Keys to Staying Safe This Halloween

Las Vegas Valley Physician Offers 5 Keys to Staying Safe This Halloween
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

With rising COVID-19 cases in Nevada and other states, Las Vegas residents are looking for ways to enjoy Halloween while staying safe this year. Las Vegas-based e7 Health CEO, Dr. Jonathan Baktari, MD, offers five key insights for a safe holiday, as well as an additional caution for the upcoming months. 

  • Avoid the hand-off entirely. Homeowners are accustomed to dropping candy into bags and interacting with trick-or-treaters at the front door. This year, the front door is the Halloween danger zone, and it’s where the most re-thinking needs to happen. 

“It’s this sort of no-man’s land where people are half in and out of the house. It needs to change to ‘all out.’ Stay inside and the candy needs to be outside,” Baktari emphasized. 

A common recommendation, even by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is to put the candy in individual baggies on a table near the door; have an honor system or sit inside and monitor from a distance. 

  • Build a safe trick-or-treating bubble. Make sure the people with whom you trick or treat are from your family, extended family, or what Baktari refers to as “your bubble.” These are the handful of people you are frequently in contact with and with whom you’ll be the safest. 
  • Give other trick-or-treaters space. When approaching a home, if several trick-or-treaters are in front of you, keep distance and wait for them to leave before stepping towards the home. This also gives the opportunity to examine whether the treats are being distributed safely and at a proper distance. 
  • Wear a real mask. Find a way to weave a real mask into your costume. A costume mask does not INSERT a safety mask, the physician added. In addition, don’t wear a costume mask on top of a safety mask; this could make breathing difficult. 
  • Staying home may be the solution for some. Some families have members with dangerous underlying conditions if they are infected with COVID-19. For them, taking a more cautious approach and not venturing out of the home is the best answer.  

For these families, creating backyard or indoor candy hunts are an option. They can also put more energy into the pre-Halloween events as well, such as decorating and carving pumpkins, Baktari said. 

Don’t forget about after Halloween. After Halloween passes, other holidays are around the corner. It’s important not to give in to COVID fatigue and let your guard down about safety precautions. 

“People are saying, ‘at a certain point I have to live my life,’ which I completely understand,” the physician noted, “but they’ll start to take that extra trip,  run that additional errand; it’s those extra things you don’t have to be doing where you potentially expose yourself to the virus. We have to remember, this is still a numbers game, and we’re not where we need to be in order to say ‘If I’m just careful, everything will be OK.’” 

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