Celebrities in Vegas: Famous People Who Love the Glamour and Glitz

Celebrities in Vegas: Famous People Who Love the Glamour and Glitz
Image by Nikolaus Bader from Pixabay

Are you obsessed with celebrities? Why wouldn’t you be? Celebrities impress us with their talents and leave us in awe of their majesty. 

But where can you bump into celebrities? There’s Hollywood, of course, but one of the best places to meet famous people is in Las Vegas.

There are more celebrities in Vegas than you would imagine. This exciting city of ours is home to some of the world’s best talents.

Let’s have a look at some of the famous people who live in Las Vegas.

Spot These Celebrities in Vegas

If you do find celebrities who live in Las Vegas, you should consider getting their autograph. While selfies have become increasingly popular, there’s a huge value in autographs — especially for film actress autographs.

Keep an eye out and here’s whom you might just see in Vegas:

Wayne Newton

He’s known as Mr. Las Vegas after all! Wayne Newton can be seen at practically any major event being held on the strip.

He’s also known for his Casa de Shenandoah which has been turned into a museum. You’ll see his memorabilia, extravagant car collection, as well as some exotic animals.

Carlos Santana

When he’s not touring, Carlos Santana calls Las Vegas his home. He’s very active in the local community and is involved in many local charities.

You might even find him performing at one of the Strip’s many hotels and event rooms. If he is performing in Vegas, you don’t want to miss him.

Rutina Wesley

We told you you’d find a great actress in Vegas! Rutina Wesley is known for a role in the television series True Blood as well as great films such as Last Weekend and The Perfect Guy.

She was born and raised in Las Vegas and still calls the city her home. You might spot her at any luxury hotel, casino, restaurant or even at the local supermarket!

Tony Hsieh

One of our country’s greatest entrepreneurs has made his home in the city and is heavily involved with enhancing Downtown Las Vegas.

Tony Hsieh is the CEO of Zappos, the online shoe marketplace. He is known for his simple living and lives in a small airstream showing that living a minimalist lifestyle in Las Vegas is also possible.

Charisma Carpenter

The noted film and television actress is also a Las Vegas resident. Known for her roles in the hit action film The Expendables and the classic television show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, she is a Las Vegas native. 

It was here where she got her start as a dancer but moved to Los Angeles in her youth to pursue acting. Nevertheless, she has returned and hasn’t forgotten her roots.

Penn Jillette

If you need to know what to do in Vegas, just ask long-term resident Penn Jillette. The noted magician and one-half of Penn and Teller finds a great freedom living in Las Vegas.

You can catch him just about anywhere on the Strip. If you’re lucky, you can see him performing his magic shows live!

See You in Vegas

Now that you know some of the great celebrities in Vegas, you are ready to head to the city and see who you can spot. Make sure to share this with anyone else interested in heading to Vegas.

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