7 Online Businesses That Need No Startup Capital

7 Online Businesses That Need No Startup Capital
Photo credit: bongkarn thanyakij on Pexels

Startups with no investments are a new trend in the business sector. The internet has become the major player in creating business opportunities with no investment. Any person with a computer and an internet connection can opt for online money-making. There are online businesses that you can do without any technical knowledge or marketing experience on the internet. There are many free tools and services available to do businesses online without investment.

Here are some of the online businesses you can manage without any startup capital.


One of the simplest businesses you can start for making money is blogging. This is especially easy for those who can write interesting content with ease. You need to produce educational, informative, and entertaining posts as a blogger. Some services offer free blogging tools and templates. You can take your blogs to the next level by adding photos, videos, and other links to other business sites. Just select a niche that you are comfortable with and make regular posts to entertain your audience. Your success in blogging lies in providing original and useful content to your target audience. You can also include sponsored posts and sell space for advertisements in your blog space to make money. Though it will take some time to make money through blogging, it is a good way to make money in the long run.

Youtube Videos

YouTube is a popular website that offers videos that are viewed by millions of users. You can use the popularity of this site to make money online without investment. All you have to do is to create videos that will engage people to watch. You can select your favourite niche and make how-to videos or educating videos on topics that will be interesting to the audience of the niche. You can use social media sites to promote your YouTube channel. When the viewership of the channel grows, you can make money from the videos you post by ad revenue or through paid sponsorships. You just need a YouTube account and a smartphone to start a channel.

Affiliate Marketing

If you love writing reviews on products and services, then affiliate marketing is the genre for your online business. You need to promote a product or service through your posts by providing links as an affiliate marketer. If somebody buys that product or uses the service, you will receive a commission. For example, you can give a review on a roulette wheel game and include a link in your content. You can write reviews of different types – a beauty product review, a smartphone review or a service review. If you gain a reputation of a trusted reviewer who can both praise the product and disapprove it, people will trust your opinion and thus help you raise some money.

E-Commerce Retailer

Online shopping has become the most convenient way to purchase things for modern-day people. If you do not want to invest money, you can do drop shipping. You need to find the products you want to sell from a third-party retailer. You do not have to purchase the items or store it when you opt for drop shipping retail business. You just need to market the business through advertisements on social media. When you get orders from customers, you forward it to third party business and get it delivered. The third-party will give you the product at a lower price, and you can sell it for a profit. You need to find a reputed drop shipper to get your products from. Selling poor quality products or delay in delivery of the product can affect the reputation of your e-commerce business.

Virtual Assistant

If you are a person with good managerial and organizational skills, you can shine as a virtual assistant. The work of a virtual assistant includes administrative tasks like dealing with phone calls, organizing files, making travel arrangements for the customers, data entry works, etc. There are online platforms that help you to find virtual assistant jobs easily. You can create a profile and sign up for tasks you are willing to do. As your clientele lists grow, you can make more money from this business.

Online Tutoring Business

If you have great knowledge in any subject and you can explain things to people in a convincing way, a tutoring course is a good work at home option. Remote tutoring sessions are in great demand. You can conduct classes in Math, English, French, Music, Art, or anything else that you are ready to teach. Choose any reliable video chat tool to conduct classes on the web. You can take classes from anywhere in the world and at any time convenient to you. You can market your online tutoring business on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., to find students from different parts of the world.

Digital Information Products

Instead of selling physical items online, you can try selling digital products on the web. They are the best and quickest money-making businesses online. You can opt to sell materials like e-book, travel guides, audio contents like interviews, teleconferences, how-to videos, and recorded webinars online. These downloadable digital contents can give passive income once you put it up for sale on your website. You just need to check the sales to understand what products are in demand so that you can make more products or content like it.


There are different online business opportunities and you can opt for one or more of them to make money according to your need. You need to find a highly profitable niche to do business on the web. Be aware of the changing trends in online business and make changes to your business accordingly. Once you start a blog or e-retailing business, you will find more revenue streams opening up for you. Sometimes it will take some time to start making revenue from a business on the web. You need to keep trying to make appealing and useful content to get noticed by your target customers. Once the customers start to flow in, then there is no looking back for online businesses.