NFL Futures Update for AFC Heading Into Week 7

NFL Futures Update for AFC Heading Into Week 7
Photo:  AP Photo/John Locher, Pool

It’s been a crazy season of football. That said, it’s been an absurd year in general. It’s hard to believe that we have already pushed through six weeks of NFL football and are heading into Week 7, just one week shy of the halfway point.

It’s Sunday evening, so we still don’t know the outcome of Monday Night Football or the final score for Sunday Night Football. But, let’s look at the current NFL futures for each division.

The AFC East

The Buffalo Bills have jumped out to be massive favorites to win the AFC East. They’ve moved into minus numbers at Bookmaker, Bovada, Heritage, and BetOnline. The New England Patriots are second on the boards, followed by the Miami Dolphins, and then the dead-last, tail-spinning New York Jets.

  • Buffalo Bills, -210
  • New England Patriots +175
  • Miami Dolphins, +1400
  • New York Jets, +50,000

I doubt the lines will move much regardless of whether the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Bills on Monday Night Football. That said, if the Bills win, those odds are likely to push closer to -300. However, we could see the New England Patriots’ odds fall a bit with their 12-18 home loss to the Denver Broncos. Typically, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but the Miami Dolphins absolutely smashed the New York Jets, covering the point spread as well in their 24-0 blowout win. If you followed my prediction on that game, imagine me doing a little flourished bow, and you can shoot me a thank you in the comments. Anyhow, now the Dolphins are 3-3, and the Patriots are 2-3 in the AFC East.

The AFC West

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Kansas City Cheifs are standing on top of the proverbial hill as kings of the AFC West. They have smashed their way through everyone except the New Look, Las Vegas Raiders. That said, they did have a close call against the Los Angeles Chargers. If you thought the Bills at -210 were short odds, the KC Cheifs are sitting around -950 at most books. The Raiders are in second place in the division with a 3-2 record, followed by the Denver Broncos and the LA Chargers.

  • Kansas City Chiefs, -950
  • Las Vegas Raiders, +600
  • Los Angeles Chargers, +3000
  • Denver Broncos, +4000

It’s Interesting to note that the 1-4 Chargers have better odds than the 2-3 Denver Broncos. I would assume this is because they look like a better team. Despite their losses, they have hung tough in each game. They started with a win over the Cincy Bengals with Tyrod Taylor under center, then since Justin Herbert has taken over, they’ve lost four straight. That said, each has been a heartbreaker, the biggest loss by just 6 points. However, I don’t believe the Chargers or Broncos can make the playoffs, let alone win the division. The real exciting x-factor here is the Raiders. Can they keep putting on enough pressure to steal the division? Or at the very least, can they snag a wild card spot?

The AFC North

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a slight edge over the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC North standings, if only because they are a game behind. Currently, the Men of Steele are 4-0 while the Black Birds are 4-1, thanks to their loss to the Chiefs. Surprisingly, the Browns are 4-1 after their blowout loss to the Steelers on Sunday afternoon –another NFL pick you can thank us for! And the Bengals reside at the bottom of the division once more, with a 1-3-1 record.

  • Baltimore Ravens, -165
  • Pittsburgh Steelers, +210
  • Cleveland Browns, +550
  • Cincinnati Bengals, +15,000

I feel bad for Joe Burrow; in fact, I feel bad for most of the modern No. 1 draft picks. I’m mean sure, they get a massive signing bonus, but still, they have to go to the worst team in the league. The Bengals’ 2020 season is a long forgone conclusion. However, we could see the Steelers try and steal the division from last years’ AFC North champs.

The AFC South

I have mixed feelings about the Tennessee Titans right now. I am rooting for them to win the division, or I was … but I feel like they screwed over a handful of teams with their COVID propagation. Should the league have altered everyone else’s schedule because the Titans can’t follow protocols, or should they just have given the Titans a forfeit loss? The latter is seamless. Now, the Titans are on top of the AFC South with a 4-0 record with the Indianapolis Colts hot on their heels. But the Houston Texans are struggling, and the Jags are still the Jags, even without Blake Bortles. 

  • Tennessee Titans, -190
  • Indianapolis Colts, +170
  • Houston Texans, +1500
  • Jacksonville Jaguars, +10,000

With Watt back, I expected the Texans to make a run for the division. I figured the Titans would carry the wind in their sails from last season over and be the top dogs, but I expected more from Houston. I thought they would push for a wild card spot in a race with the Colts. But alas, the Texas teams are hurting right now. Well, at least they are not as bad as New York teams.