Donation of Hardware, Software, Services from Ubicquia to Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE Improves Connectivity in Las Vegas Medical District

Donation of Hardware, Software, Services from Ubicquia to Mayor's Fund for Las Vegas LIFE Improves Connectivity in Las Vegas Medical District

Ubicquia, the global leader in simply smart, simply connected network and IoT platforms for smart cities, has partnered with the City of Las Vegas to launch the first-ever city-sponsored OnGo mobile network using Google’s Spectrum Access System (SAS) and Network Planner, expanding wireless connectivity throughout the Las Vegas Medical District.

The partners deployed Ubicquia’s flagship small cell product, the Ubimetro Streetlight Small Cell, which utilizes the Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) spectrum and is easily installed onto streetlights to establish localized CBRS networks.

This initial deployment demonstrates the value of leveraging a city’s existing streetlight infrastructure to rapidly deploy ultra-dense CBRS, 4G and 5G mobile networks. From their 50-70 meter spacing and 8- to 10-meter height, to their persistent power and proximity to fiber and cable backhaul, streetlights are uniquely positioned to accelerate network deployments. The Ubimetro takes advantage of the pole position by simply plugging into the top of the streetlight in under 15 minutes and is virtually unseen by pedestrians from street level.

Ubicquia selected Google’s SAS, which manages fundamental access to CBRS, to support the deployment. To streamline the site selection process and seamlessly deploy the Ubimetro, Ubicquia also utilized an early access version of Google’s Network Planner to design the City of Las Vegas’ new OnGo LTE network. Google’s Network Planner enabled Ubicquia to create and adjust radio frequency designs in minutes, addressing the main challenges of small cell deployment: where to install and how to power them.

“The deployment of the Ubimetro OnGo Streetlight Small Cell in the Las Vegas Medical District demonstrates the product’s ability to expand next-generation wireless connectivity where it is needed most,” said Joerg Lehnich, General Manager of Radio Access Networks at Ubicquia. “Leveraging a city’s existing streetlight network for small cell installation is the most cost-effective and sensible solution for cities looking to establish local mobile networks and reap the benefits of expanded connectivity.”

The initiative is made possible by a donation of hardware, software and support services valued at nearly  $550,000 from Ubicquia to the Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE, a vehicle for corporate and philanthropic partners to support programs that improve quality of life and advance important city initiatives. Innovation, one of the Fund’s four key pillars, focuses on expanding access to technology and the Internet for city residents. 

The Ubicquia donation will provide wireless Internet and secure communication services around the Medical District in its first phase and is planned to expand throughout the greater downtown area in subsequent phases that will include Historic West Las Vegas  and the Corridor of Hope. Private high-speed and secure networks will facilitate research and learning between institutions, medical facilities and other providers within the Medical District. It will allow for the expansion of critical infrastructure to ensure the safety of visitors and professionals while providing free Internet access.

“Enhancing  wireless access in our city is critical to the future, and we are excited to partner with Ubicquia to realize the deployment of the Ubimetro throughout the Las Vegas Medical District to meet the city’s growing connectivity needs,” said Michael Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Las Vegas. “A central pillar of the City’s vision to leverage innovation for the public benefit, the Ubimetro CBRS deployment enhances connectivity for local residents in the interest of promoting greater digital equity.”

“As demand for wireless connectivity continues to rise rapidly, Google recognizes the need for additional network capacity,” said Dave Vadasz, business development lead at Google. “We are impressed with the Ubicquia solution, which utilizes existing assets like streetlights, and makes new networks unobtrusive. We also applaud the City of Las Vegas for its progressive approach to better serve citizens in the Medical District with increased connectivity via CBRS.”

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Ubicquia offers municipalities, utilities and mobile operators a cost-effective and expandable platform for deploying smart city, broadband and small cell services. The company’s Ubicell, Ubihub and Ubimetro product lines are NEMA socket-compliant and compatible with more than 360 million streetlights globally. Ubicquia is actively involved in organizations such as The US Conference of Mayors Business Council, GSMA and the CBRS Alliance to help drive efforts to make global smart connectivity, savings and intelligence a reality. To learn more about how Ubicquia can make your city simply connected and simply smart, visit or follow us on Twitter @ubicquia.