Dog People vs Cat People: Are They Really Different?

Dog people vs Cat People: Are They Really Different?
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Dogs or cats? Some people claim to love both just as much as each other while others are firmly picking either the feline or the canine side. But are dog and cat people really that different? Dogs and cats are certainly very different; while both do love their humans, dogs are, for the most part, more outgoing than cats who tend to be much shyer animals that like to do things on their own terms. So, what are the main differences between dog and cat people, and which one are you?

Introversion and Extroversion:

Dogs are by their very nature quite extroverted, while cats are often seen to be the introverts of the pet world. Most dogs will happily bound over to say hello to another dog on a walk while most cats will have at least a little argument if they come across another member of their species that they are not familiar with. Dogs love being around people and easily get bored if you leave them alone for the day while cats tend to be quite happy to entertain themselves. For that reason, it’s no surprise that dogs tend to attract extroverts while cats tend to make ideal pets for introverted people who enjoy keeping to themselves. 


Some studies say that cat people tend to be more intelligent than dog people. But this might simply be that because cats are easy pets to leave alone for the working day compared to dogs, they tend to be favored by people who are busy at work all of the time. After all, as long as they have food and water and some toys and scratching posts to entertain themselves, no cat is going to mind having the house to themselves while their human works – but a dog would need some attention throughout the day, and not everybody can afford to provide it. 

Living Environment:

Dogs tend to be the family pet and because they just love people so much, they are often favored by big families who just want one furry addition to complete the unit. On the other hand, cat people tend to be more likely to live alone. The most likely individuals to own cats are single women, but the rise of all the awesome cat videos on the internet has definitely encouraged more people to get a cat. Since cats tend to be less boisterous than dogs and are usually quite happy to spend half the day asleep, cat people are more likely to live in an apartment while most dog people live in houses. 

Getting a Dog or a Cat?

Regardless of whether you are a dog person or a cat person, if you want to add a new pet to your household it’s important to do your research thoroughly beforehand. Today, most puppies, kittens, and rescue animals are advertised online. Most rescue centers can easily be searched online to determine their reputation but if you’re going to purchase your pet privately, you don’t always know where you’re getting it from. Before you buy a puppy or a kitten, you can use Nuwber to find out more about the individual that is selling you the animal and make sure that they do not have any past problems that you should know about like arrest or criminal records related to animal cruelty.