Outdoor Lighting Considerations

Outdoor Lighting Considerations
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Outdoor lighting has significantly evolved over the years to take up its position as an integral component of curb appeal for the modern home. There is a wide range of lighting accessories to light up paths, decks, steps, walls, patios, lawns, swimming pools, gates, driveways and doors. Lighting up your home’s exterior is a great and rewarding addition.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Well-planned outdoor lighting provides a wide range of benefits for homeowners. These benefits include:

  • Promotes safety -Criminals take advantage of the darkness to strike and well-lit compounds pose a challenge
  • Path visibility-You can move comfortably within your compound
  • Improves aesthetics-Well lit exteriors add to your home’s curb appeal.
  • Enables outdoor activities-Your family can prepare meals and even dine outside in the evenings. 

Choosing Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Exterior lighting is a necessity for the modern home. Implementing outdoor lighting for your compound does not have to be complicated. With these few considerations, you can make your compound the place to be with every sunset.

UL Rating

Outdoor lighting fixtures are exposed to harsher conditions than those indoor. This means that any lighting accessories for the outdoors stand a better chance when approved for exterior lighting. UL listing for damp locations means that the fixture can tolerate moist conditions and can be used in places like covered patios. UL wet listing implies that the fixtures can be used where they come in contact with wet conditions like rain. Such appliances are suitable for areas like lawns, uncovered patios and walkways.


Outdoor lighting needs to be cost efficient in the long run. High energy lighting appliances can lead to high power bills, which deter exterior lighting. Led bulbs are ideal for the outdoors as they are reasonably priced and consume less energy than incandescent lights. Additionally, they last longer,  meaning fewer INSERT ments. You can find black friday deals for a wide selection of led outdoor lighting accessories.


Outdoor lighting should be designed to complement your security measures. Proper lighting on your perimeter walls and compound is essential to detect home intrusion. If you have CCTV installations on your property, make sure your lighting fixtures allow clear footages to be captured. If the light is too bright, the images will appear blurred. Dim lights on the other hand will produce unclear footage, which beats the logic of surveillance. Motion sensing lights are ideal for security as they light up only when they detect motion, allowing you to note any object, persons or animals on the move within your turf.


Oudoor lights are exposed to the elements, including high temperatures in the summer, strong winds, rainfall and snowfall. Light covering needs to be sturdy to offer protection and ensure your lights serve you longer. Weak casings are not just prone to premature wear and tear but are easily targeted by criminals who wish to put out the lights and get cover for their illegal nighttime activities.

Proper outdoor lighting is possible with a detailed evaluation of your outdoor lighting needs. A well-lit exterior is not only welcoming but a source of security and reassurance. With a wide selection of outdoor lighting fixtures, there’s no limit to your lighting possibilities.