Five Tips to Opening a Successful Restaurant in Las Vegas In the Time of COVID-19

Five Tips to Opening a Successful Restaurant in Las Vegas In the Time of COVID-19
Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Everyone knows that the restaurant industry is notoriously one of the toughest markets to crack, and given we are in the middle of a vicious pandemic, the obstacles ahead are only becoming more numerous, though this shouldn’t prevent you from going ahead with your plans. Just so long as you are well prepared and aware of the potential pitfalls.

Prior to the recent events Las Vegas was booming, a new convention area was planned, restaurants and bars were all set to make the most of not only the locals but also upwards of 40 million tourists who were set to descend on the area.

Those restaurants who have managed to stay afloat are struggling to stay afloat with 50% capacity being served, but one imagines this is not a tenable situation for the long term, so you should plan accordingly.

Know Your Market

Decide up front what type of restaurant you plan on becoming. This may sound more than a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many newly opened restaurants chop and change without giving enough thought into what they want to get out of their businesses.

Do your research. Find out whether Las Vegas needs what you plan on giving them. Do Las Vegans need another burger joint? Does the area of Las Vegas where you plan to set-up shop have the right level of income to effectively fill your high-end Cordon Bleu MIchelin Star eatery? 

Location, Location, Location

Almost as important as the menu itself is the location of your eatery. Some areas of the city are of course far more likely to attract passing trade, though the fact that some casinos remain closed will also have to be factored into the selection of the right area to open your restaurant.

While it may make sense to stick to the tried and tested popular areas, clearly doing so creates competition, it could be a wiser move to do some deep research into up and coming neighborhoods which could be crying out for a new place to munch.


A new restaurant needs to stick out from the crowd and the look and feel of what you have to offer could be as key as a great head chef or an outstanding menu. The devil is in the detail here, there is no need to chase a gimmick or overdo it when it comes to trying to get the right vibe for your establishment.

The concept must flow throughout the restaurant, whether that’s within the main dining area, the bar, the waiting area and yes, even the toilets. Every aspect must be in sync. 

Keep COVID-19 In MInd

The coronavirus, sadly, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There is a premium now for outdoor spacing and that is something you must keep in mind. Whether that means converting your parking area into a marquee roofed branch of your restaurant, so be it. 

Perhaps you’ll need to check with city planners what you can do in terms of stretching out your sidewalk area, many restaurants have made creative use of what space they are able to use and now is the time to milk the guidelines for as much as you can get out of them. Find out how many commercial bar stools you can legally sit outside, you’re going to need to know where you stand in the growing age of the outdoor customer.

Remember it’s 2020

Your online and social presence is hugely important. It’s no longer acceptable to lag behind in this area and you’d do well to sign up your business with an effective branding agency that can ably take the social marketing branch of your restaurant off your hands. Unless you are particularly adept in this area, we wouldn’t suggest you do this yourself. 

If you attempt to cut corners in this area, it will show and the social media market is not a forgiving one. A series of bad reviews can be the difference between success and failure, it really is that simple.

Exciting Times

Las Vegas is a city that adapts well and has fast become one of the most revered culinary hotspots in the country, a number of top restaurants are still set for openings in the coming weeks and months and you need to be well prepared and hungry to make sure your dining experience is strong enough to mix with the best in the business. .