8 Cool Features At The New Allegiant Stadium

8 Cool Features At The New Allegiant Stadium
Photo courtesy of Lamar Advertising

The Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers weren’t the only teams in the NFL who got a shiny new stadium. The Las Vegas Raiders just finished building the $1.9 billion Allegiant Stadium, also nicknamed the ‘Death Star’ and earned a win in the stadium’s debut. This stadium is an architectural wonder loaded with cool features, so here are eight of them that really stand out.

Lanai Doors

The 80 by 215 opening will have lanai doors that will be opened on perfect fall days in order to keep the feel of an outdoor stadium. It will also be the place for fan traffic to move through as there is a spot for fans to go higher up in the stadium and the other half to go down. This is the most ideal setup for any given stadium and talk about the scenery. If you look outside of those doors you will be able to see the Las Vegas Strip, the hotels, casinos and sportsbooks, which is quite a sight. As chief operating officer of the Raiders construction team stated, “With the doors open, fans seated in the $2 billion stadium will be treated to a multibillion-dollar view.”

The 85-Foot Torch

Named the Al Davis Memorial Torch, it is reportedly the largest 3D printed object in the entire world. Made out of carbon fiber and aluminum, this torch pays a tribute to the late Raiders owner who sadly passed away. The giant torch will also have a custom flame that will light up at the start of every home game that the team plays. In order to make this flame happen, they are going to be using a ton of different lights and special effects to go along with a 1,000-gallon water tank that will sit at the bottom of the torch. The mist is supposed to allow the special effects to come through. 

The Bricks

The Raiders are taking part in the Legacy Brick program, which program allows any fans to buy personal messages to place on the bricks that they install near the main entrance of the stadium. This program has always been very popular and so far, there have been over 4,400 bricks sold already. Each brick is selling between $850 and $1,500. All of the proceeds of the bricks go directly to benefiting community programs throughout all of Nevada. Some of the communities that will receive the support are for the military, youth development and growing the game of football.

The Roof

Allegiant Stadium has been able to do things that no other stadium has been able to do before. This includes their roofing, as they have made a translucent roof that protects everyone inside of the outdoor heat and yet keeps the atmosphere of an outdoor stadium. It is a domed roof with a cable net truss system and is seven acres long. The roof is also held up by over 100 stainless steel cables. The Rams and Chargers have also used translucent material for the roofing over at SoFi Stadium, which is another stadium that was recently built.

Retractable Field System

They went even further when they created their own retractable field system as well. It weighs nearly 20 million pounds and is a four-foot-deep tray that moves on wheels. It takes over 500 electronically powered wheels across 13 different rails in order to get the natural grass real sunlight and water. Having this feature installed in the stadium gives the Raiders the option of using turf or natural grass when playing their home games. They aren’t the first to support a retractable, natural grass field, as the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals, were the first to implement it into their stadium. It also has irrigation and drainage control inside of the retractable tray to go along with a heating system that is going to be used to moderate the root temperature throughout the entirety of the year.

The Seats

Allegiant Stadium is featuring over 120 Luxury Suites which are for sure going to be the best seats in the house on any given Sunday. They also offer 8,000 Club Seats that will also provide for an outstanding experience. This is all to go along with their approximate seating value of 65,000 fans. Although, there will be no fans in the foreseeable future in order to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Video Board

The largest part of the exterior of Allegiant Stadium is the video board, as it is 27,600 square feet. It is 80 feet tall and 345 feet long, and made out of mediamesh, which allows the people inside of the stadium to see outside of the windows while the screen is playing. The screen is expected to be one of the most amazing features on a stadium that has a ton of them. 

The Mystery

Many fans are currently unable to get seats at the Raiders brand new home due to COVID-19. In some ways, that kind of ramps up the allure because the stadium has mostly only been seen at a distance. Many people are going to want to see it in person for themselves in order to truly understand how incredible this new stadium really is. Because of that, the mystery and unknown of this stadium becomes one of its better features.